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    Quick coring question:

    I am a lvl 100 Assault with a damage/crit build with current resist at 99/65/99.

    My current weapons are black Hornet 12/4 (deadly/overclocked/pin/adapt.) with ZERO base cores. And a black Jagd 9/3 (deadly/overclocked/adapt.) with ZERO base cores.

    So my question.... I currently have 10 cores and I am saving to craft a black HIKS3100 (blk hornet/blk 3100 are my end game guns, i'm not saving for champ weapon). So, do you think I should dump all my cores into the hornet to make it complete, or should I save the cores for the HIKS3100? should I dump 6 base cores into the hornet and save the 4 left over for 12/4ing the HIKS3100?

    I know people will say "do what you want, they are your cores" but, I am really looking for advice from experienced players on their advice. Please offer advice I would really appreciate it...thanks!

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    Originally posted by Pharmis
    I know people will say "do what you want, they are your cores"
    No, that's what I'd say :P

    ah, anyway, with the given choices, I would go with the 6x to hornet with 4 on the future 3100.
    Depending on how long you have to craft the 3100 though, you may even get more cores, so keep putting them on the hornet, but still save 4 for the 3100. That's what I would do in that situation.
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      As soon as you said "Damage/Crit build", I knew the answer. Go all-in on the Hornet, it is an excellent weapon which will provide a much faster kill rate in the end considering you can stack Crit Shots, Adrenaline, and Killing Spree!
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        I would core the Hornet with 6 base cores, keeping 4 for the black HIKS 3100. Both guns will be max cored eventually, so however you core them, that doesn't matter much. I just think that it will be more comfortable for you to use a 12/4 black HIKS 3100 when you do craft it instead of using one without any cores on it.
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          HIKS 3100 is probably more convenient for apocs and LMS (what are the other 2 augs going to be?) but if you're just looking for progression, I'd put 8 on the Hornet and save up 2 for an immediate 10**** HIKS when you get it. The other two cores will be helpful, but probably not as helpful as the 4th aug slot. This'll be your long-term crowd control, but if it's just nightmare on a damage assault, you shouldn't need 12****.

          Meanwhile good bossing weapons are long-term and much more annoying to come by. At least this is what I'd do to be able to solo quicker specifically so I wouldn't have to wait for public lobbies. But it should also be understood that soloing w/ a 6 cored Hornet is also pretty easy, but it's up to you. I just think that proportioning more cores for the "now" is simply more effective.

          This is also kinda dependent on when you're going to be able to get that 3100.


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            What do you want to do with your assault? This will answer your question for you....

            Do you want to be VS king? You'll be better off coring your Jagd (Deadly, OC, Cap, Skele is prefered set up) or saving for a shredder instead. If this is the case, I'd max the hornet
            Do you want to Apoc? Jadg for an assault is still probably better. Suggest Deadly, OC, Cap, Enlarged) I'd put 4 into Jadg to mob and 6 into Hornet and put any extras into the hornet first.
            Do you want to Play NMs? Jagd as mobber works REALLY well (same set up as Apoc) and use hornet to take the boss down. I'd put 4 into Jadg to mob and 6 into Hornet and put any extras into the hornet first.

            I'm a huge fan of the 3100 on heavies, but its not optimal for things outside of Apoc (where it is a King weapon for mobbing). And it would be so heavy on an assault that you (my suggestions) have to go deadly, oc, cap, skele instead of deadly,oc,cap bio to get your health back or have to put a bunch of points into FM to overcome it. My first max cored wep on my assault was a 3100 and it was great, but quickly got overtaken by my trident when I crafted it.

            Also a little curious why you would talk about max coring 2 weps but not crafting a champ wep? It's only about 4 months longer to craft a champ wep vs. a 3100. It takes quite a while to max core 1 wep....


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              First off, thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it (everyone)!!!!!!

              Now a few answers:


              1. I currently have 340,000 alloy, so I expect to get enough for HIKS3100 in about 52 days (with 5 NM per day...roughly). so, around 7 weeks.


              1. the augs for the HIKS3100 would be deadly/over/adapt/ OR cap. (but leading towards Bio because i want to compete in Apoc, and have no other source for health regen).


              1. I want my assault to be able to compete on APOC and NM. LMS is already ok for me, and Virus I hate, so I dont care. NM is already pretty easy, but i guess the main reason is that my Jagd is useless in higher lvls of Apoc. I just want to feel confident in Apoc and I think with bio on my 3100 I will be able to keep pace with some of the higher lvl players.

              2. I dont want to be a super speed build (been there done that), I want to be more balanced with health regen, and resistance lvls. I want to be all around strong.

              3. I used my RED 3100 to lvl up, and just loved the feel of it compared to the Jagd. Just a comfort thing; I love the damage, and rate of fire aspect. The Jagd is FINE for NM, but it feels SO useless in Apoc (for me)... it really is a comfort thing. Yes, it is SLOW movement, but I transfer weapons, so that is fine for me. I am not the SUPER RUSHER in NM, and I dont want to be...i like to take my time and enjoy my 5 tickets per day, instead of rushing and causing lag for everyone...just me.

              4. I just never thought about saving for a champion weapon...just TOOOOOOO much work, and I feel i would resent the game. I like the hornet and the 3100, so i named them my end game guns. they work for me, and i feel comfortable with them. Plus, I would only choose a trident, and I feel that would undermine my hornet, so then i would have to reconfigure my character/gun build anyways, and that sucks a bit for me. I of course would love to shoot a trident and see how it feels, but waiting 6 months (with 5 NM per day) would be torture for me.

              I really do appreciate your replies everyone...thanks!!!


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                Well if you're looking to "compete" in kills in ranked nightmare, then you're going to need speed along with damage. But at least with a 10**** HIKS and 6-8/10 Hornet, it's really easy to solo just about every map.

                If you want to compete in apoc at all well, I hope you have a good computer.


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                  There's some awesome weapons to core. For your 6 cores, find a [BLACK] HIKS 3100. Core it up to 12**** and then find a black Hornet and buff it. That HIKS 3100 is just as op as it. For the augmentations, I recommend something like:
                  -Adaptivity, best since you don't want a lot of zombies with energy resistance after you.
                  -Capacity, I would say this is important. HIKS 3100 runs out fast with Overclocked but no Capacity.
                  -Deadly, Another important one. Damage can matter on specific weapons, and this one has to be the example. I maxed it out before and damage can be around 14k.
                  -Overclocked, I would say this one is kinda important since stock RPS is crap.