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    Originally posted by mopping View Post

    then explain to me why there are loads of people out there with crafted champ guns, cored up gear everything, a lot of time (i see them always playing) and good computer but can barely make top 10 let alone diamond? And explain why there are others who made diamond with barely cored up gear and no champ gun?
    I don't know where you get your logic from, but even if you see 1000 perfect players, there will still only be 10 of them in the top ten.


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      Originally posted by Lithe View Post
      Lol you people. Just 'cause other people suck doesn't mean you have skill...
      I mean unless you like saying "I'm better than garbage!" Then hey, by all means, indulge.

      This game is skill based to a minimal extent with the way the events are set up (namely being based on OTHER players performance - though it's okay in VS). It's really computer and gear based. They don't need champ guns, but they do need cores and a well-performing system or they won't be able to come close. And if the people with those suck, that's too bad, but I don't know how you can conclude "I must be good" unless you attach "compared to crap".
      Very good point indeed.
      "I must be good" worked quite well in games of the last century, now it's mainly about having/buying gear, levels, etc.
      This reduces the skill that is needed by relying on variables in the background.
      When competing against others, you should be able to individualize your gameplay with gear and skills for example, but this shouldn't give you an advantage, like he has red and I have black gear.
      Then again it is all about playing the game, if you do this long enough those problems will shift to those that haven't played as long. This is sadly an often used mechanic in games with purchasable content. Money is the root of all.