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A New Idea for Buffing Protective Aura.

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  • A New Idea for Buffing Protective Aura.

    It's been awhile since someone made this type of post since the move from the old forums and I've been thinking about this idea myself quite a bit when messing around with my support medic build.

    In differentiating my support/fun Medic from my 1st Medic (a DPS Crit build/"Combat" Medic), I looked over all the medic specific skills and one thing stood out to me. The Protective Aura skill.

    I have 1pt in it just for fun. I know it is basically useless but the glowing effect in-game looks cool so I have it just "for fun". I got thinking though- why is this skill so underpowered?

    I realize it was buffed once before from +50 to +75 per pt, but the problem is that, at max, it is still only +1275 armor points and in late game, that is not that much considering you need around 12000 just to get 90%.

    This has been discussed before and I did extensive research into the skill:

    Note: He is using the old +50, max of 1250 values. It has been buffed since and here are the updated values for reference:

    It is pretty much useless to someone >lvl 50, but I don't see why it has to be.

    The other thing is, contrary to what is stated in that post, it doesn't confer any special defense against DMs. I spent hours testing this out, and I can tell you it makes no difference against DMs with poisoned limbs and fiery skin. This is because Protective Aura counts as armor and not "natural resistance" like with TB and DAD.

    What it does is basically just add armor points and not much at that.

    Here is another post:

    It's true, it doesn't actually stack with BAE, making it even more useless. Even if it remained the same as it is now and stayed as armor points, it could at least stack with BAE, which apparently, it used to do. I'm not sure why it was removed, but having it stack with BAE, given the measely numbers you get from PA alone, actually makes sense.

    e.g., if you have 15 PA giving +775pts, 1 BAE (+7%) would make it 775 + 54.25 = 829.25.


    Now we get to my main argument/proposal:

    PA can be thought of as having an extra piece of armor at max, i.e., investing 25pts in PA should give you the equivalent of having an extra piece of armor.

    I am going to use the chestpiece/vest as the standard. The vest usually has the highest armor point values out of all the armor pieces. Additionally, only [BLACK] vests will be used because that is what everyone uses end-game, and it needs to still be relevant end-game.

    So what we have is this for all the [BLACK] vests:

    In order to make it not too overpowered and not too underpowered, the average values should be used. The average value for Heat is 566.15 and the average value for Toxic is 544.00. This should replicate the effect of wearing an extra middle of the range armor piece (not as weak as HVM gear and not as strong as Medusa and Ronson).

    But no one wears just armor. They're usually augmented, so the armor values are actually higher in practice. This is not to mention that with just the average values given above, PA is still too weak.

    So the idea now is to assume that the imaginary armor piece was 12 grade and augmented with Heat Resistant and Hazchem.

    The formulas for augmenting Heat Resistant and Hazchem on vests are slightly different, so here are the calculations for each at grade 12:

    Heat Resistant = {5 x [(0.2 x Armor Pts) + 40]}+ {7 x [(0.2 x Armor Pts) + 40]} = 2235.08

    Hazchem = {5 x [(0.32 x Armor Pts) + 40]}+ {7 x [(0.48 x Armor Pts) + 40]} = 3178.24

    Add those back onto the base armor pts and you get:

    Heat Resistant = 2235.08 + 566.15 = 2801.23

    Hazchem = 3178.24 + 544 = 3722.24

    These two values are now averaged to get a single value that is applied to both resistances: 3261.74.

    Considering that the imaginary vest used was 12 grade (and basically maxed out), this should be the max for PA because the idea is that 25pts in PA gives you one full piece of extra armor.


    Basically with 25pts in PA, you now have an extra +3261.74 for Heat Resistant and Hazchem.

    For reference, here is a simple table showing what different armor point values give you in terms of % resistance.

    Note: I am using a formula I derived that isn't actually the formula the game uses. I can't figure out what the game uses, but this approximates it well enough. It just fails to hit 99% at 21000 and it's off by a bit >90%.

    3261.74 as you can see, is neither too strong or too weak. By itself (assuming no armor is worn), having 25pts in PA will basically give you around 54 to 57% heat and toxic resistance. Note that if someone invested in nothing else but PA starting at level 1, by level 26 they would have around 55% heat and toxic resistance. It isn't that OP and neither is it something to scoff at for a level 26- but realistically, few people would take that route so that isn't even a practical concern. Not to mention that their physical resistance would be severely lacking.

    So now the measely 1275 you get from 25pts in PA is replaced with 3261.74 or something close to it. To make it simple, the easiest way to buff this is multiplying every level by 2.5. These are the resulting values.

    For a bigger picture perspective, here are some configurations of PA and BAE using the new values:

    I highlighted several configurations (totaling 25 pt expenditure),


    5pts in PA and 20pts in BAE will give a total of 1650 armor points

    20pts in PA and 5pts in BAE will give a total of 3459.38 armor points

    A "moderate" build that splits up PA and BAE about evenly will give 2690.63 to 3293.75 depending on which is higher. Everyone will tweak their skill point allocations appropriately given what their actual armor and physical resistances are.

    And in extreme cases, if someone invests 50pts in total, they get around 8765.63. On the resistance table above, this is not too OP, and you still have the effect of diminishing returns, especially when you are already getting probably around 90% with 25 BAE assuming medium grade/quality [BLACK] armor or a healthy mix of [RED] and [BLACK].

    Basically in that case, where someone already has around 90% resistance in Heat and Toxic from armor and BAE alone, the most they'll get in addition by having 25pts in PA is around 9-10%. At that point, they will approach 99%. If that sounds insane, it should be kept in mind that it is an extreme situation where someone spent 50pts already and in practice, since PA simply gives you extra armor points, dark minions and NM zombies/bosses will still ignore it. Heavies with 25 TB will still be tankier (so it doesn't take away from Heavy's tankiness).


    Now it can be a useful complement to BAE for medics, where one does not have to resort to BAE for one's armor buffing needs and can use a mixture of the two if desired. For support oriented Medics, this would be ideal because not only will investing in PA cover some if not most of your armor needs, but it would actually support your teammates.

    With the buff proposed above, it would also be an effective support skill that would actually help compared to right now, where high levels get barely anything from even 25pts in PA.

    What would happen now is if you are playing with someone who has a Glass Canon build, and using my own glass canon Assault as an example, I figure ~75-80% resistances across the board is a good example. That is basically what I have and I die pretty easy if I am not careful.

    Even if PA did not stack with BAE for your teammates, and only stacked with BAE for yourself, it would still give a healthy 3187pt boost to them. Now instead of having 80% resist (~7250pts according to table above), they will be bumped up to approximately 87 to 90% resist.

    That's pretty cool and it is not too OP because you will still get diminishing returns. In the case where you're playing with a Heavy who has around 95% resist (~16000pts), it will only increase their resistance by around 3 to 4%, and if they already have 99%, then it should probably do nothing.

    Now PA is actually useful. And I can think of one situation where it would be pretty useful, like Apocalypse where you are camped out at a choke point at the beginning of each wave (after wave 11) with your teammate(s).

    In that situation, you're usually spamming biocleanse, cryo grenades and have a bunch of turrets set up around you, and everyone is pretty close together. With a radius of 4.4 (which is the same as maxed Antidote and Biocleanse, which is pretty big) it should be large enough to cover your teammate. For comparison, the Feld has a base blast radius of 2, and everyone knows that explosions from the Feld are huge. Now double that, and your teammate(s) are bound to be within the radius.


    Anyway, hope someone actually reads and thinks about it. And even better if NK implemented it. Let me know what you think and if there are any flaws or anything I failed to consider.

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    Actually read the whole thing and thought about it. Nice suggestion and idea. I support. Too bad NK doesn't care about SAS 4 anymore. Don't see any problems with this idea.
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      It seems you've considered its efficacy enough, but even so it just doesn't seem worth it enough to put points into. I swear the tactic for glass cannon assaults is and always will be "kill everything really fast" as opposed to having any kind of armor boost, and for everyone else it still seems kinda worthless. In any case, I would support this frivolous change, but basically considering putting points into it at all still doesn't seem like a really useful option even with it.


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        I'm so so sorry that you did all this just to inevitably be ignored.
        Just private message me if you need something, I'll respond. http I haven't visited this linked page in months, but there are cool people to see there, maybe, I wouldn't know.


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          I'm not going to read all of it right now, but I might some time in the next few days.
          But I will say, I'm actually up to PA coincidentally on my experiment characters, and part of my assessment of the skill is that yes, it is pretty pathetic, and it's not very good considering how good I was hoping it would be - cause it says that it boosts peoples defences who are around you too, but for how much it protects you, that won't do much for anyone else.
          Better for low level starting players, but its main weakness is that it not only lacks the amount of defense, but it lacks physical support, which is more essential for low levels. imo, it starts sucking right after you max it at level 26, not even 50.
          If anyone is going to use it, put 20 points into it, then respec at 40 and put BAE instead.
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            This is a very nice idea, but SAS 4 is kinda ignored now. I love this idea, but no one really cares. I support this but am sorry you spent all that time for nothing.