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Suicide Medic Pistol Auging choice

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  • Suicide Medic Pistol Auging choice

    Hi again,

    Once again, I'm a bit stumped on which augments I should use on a gun. Usually I have no issues, but there's a couple that are troublesome, esp those that I plan to use for extended periods of time. So my suicide medic who is currently 77 received a new [RED] pistol recently, and before then, for 77 levels, he had used a 10*** bio/adapt/dead mustang (which was crafted), but that gun has become almost unusable, even in solo missions (and although it has unlimited ammo, it is hard to use esp with lag cause of its semiauto-ness).
    So i've decided to now use the 10*** [RED] 205 that he got recently, clean too which was nice. I'm a big fan for full auto pistols, so it'll make things a lot easier (at least till I get a [BLACK] one).
    Now I've already put cap and oc on it, but I need opinions to whether I should put deadly or adaptive as the 3rd aug.
    Just to give you guys an idea - this suicide medic is very suicidal, as in he will try as hard as possible to die as soon as he revives in an MP match, which means damage is NOT essential.
    With that in mind, please make you choice knowing that max damage on the pistol is not something I need.

    Also, when you vote, please add a reason below to why you picked that choice.
    (Poll closes at midnight on Friday Morning - Australian Eastern Daily Savings Tme)

    The poll is expired.

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    There's no reasoning going into this choice as you've described since both options are practically equal - just flip a coin. I will vote Heads for Deadly and Tails for Adaptive, however.

    And there are no [BLACK] full auto pistols until you get mastery level 5 so unless you mean to get mastery after you get a [BLACK] pistol since it'll do more damage, I'd suggest you just get a [RED] Trailblazer and just boost 400 regular Pods games.
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      "damage is NOT essential"
      >the 2 augs in your post both increase dmg
      u contradicted urself....?

      also using and caring about pistols when ur primaries are much better makes a lot of sense


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        deadly. similar enough on chit hide zombies, better on everything else.

        and if you don't use it to kill most of the time, well the above is irrelevant most of the time, and good enough the rest of the time.

        of course you could also consider pierce... better if there is more than 1 zombie there, and better for stunlocking till the zomb eventually dies/till someone else shoots it. (which is about all its gonna be good for without significant damage buffs).

        those are my reasons, take them or leave them...
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          Since you say yourself that you don't care about damage, you may as well carry an HVM 001 with no augments on it.
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