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Why is the SAS in the loading screen still using a regular RIA striker at 100?

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    Originally posted by chocolatepanda View Post
    I don't actually know. Probably because the art for the loading screen was created before red weapons existed and it never occurred to them that they needed to change the artwork since it looks pretty cool to most people.

    ^^^ sounds about right to me.

    Alternately there is nothing to say the soldier is level 100. It could very well be the soldier from the first onslaught game, at level 1, who for the sake of fancy-ness was gifted a nantonium that contained a striker. This theory is backed up by the appearance of the zombies, which IMO look like regular (not apex) shamblers.
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      Oh boy, I never realized which screen you meant, now I know. Welp. I just thing it was back when NK were still working on the game, so they needed something recognizable, and cause black didn't exist, then, and red was probably still being worked on, they went with that. And the striker in its normal version does look much more realistic that its red version.
      It could've been good if they changed it to the red or black version after the expansion update, but like i just said, the normal looks the most real, so that's a possibility of why it wasn't changed.
      A bit like LoK said, the character could be any level, although, I would like to know what button allows you to backflip, as what the soldier is supposedly doing on there
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        Yeah, there's really no need to make the soldier in the loading screen wield a HIKS M1000 [BLACK] and have full [BLACK] Titan Gear and Power Assist when you reach 100...

        Seems like the soldier is getting rekt by the zombies though. So clearly not my character .
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          Well, assuming he is level 100, I don't know. Maybe he lives in a parallel universe where regular weapons shoot Skittles. Maybe because he's too busy being mobbed by zombies to get a better gun. Maybe he's just that skilled. Or maybe the developers just don't care enough to update the artwork.