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  • Yes, people still play but the number reduced massively with the flash 30 saga. You need to be lucky with your timing, and there seems to be more lvl 100's now than lower levels so the public lobby can be really quiet.


    • If the aprrox drop lvl says lvl 16 like the standard stripper, can i still get it even if im level 27


      • Salmon
        Salmon commented
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        Yep! Same thing with guns higher than your rank, you can get lucky or unlucky!

    • What is the reload cap


      • As of late, I've been getting this error message when I try to play: Error loading profile: Timeout - Amfcall (11) to v2.getNeoPremInventory
        Did the game servers crash again while I wasn't paying attention?


        • I get that often too. Try clearing your cache, logging out and back in or refreshing the browser. Either of these usually fixes it.
          You'll know if the game isn't working cause of a server crash or NK working on it, cause the game its self won't load.
          Why earn alloy when you can just buy it? It's only 36 alloy for every $1 million.

          Why open knowledge boxes when you get them? It's more fun to open 100 in one go cause they're easy to obtain - 1 a day or 100 a month, or... 1000 in half a year if you can be bothered saving that many for that long.... ; )

          Seems links in the forum are now broken, man I haven't been here in a while. Search 'Sylvan Lawrenz' on YouTube for some of my silly/mature content if you're interested.