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    I've just read through this thread and I can't see any replies by Devs. Do they even read this?

    I understand its a "free" game, but hey, i'm sure they're making a bit of profit, if not a lot, so it'd be nice to know that these well-thought feedback has been well-received.

    I"d also like to add that it'd be nice to see some more maps, and a bit more balance in some maps when playing apocalypse / last-man standing events. So far the only strat for last-man standing seems to be hiding in the furthest corner from spawn points with some turrets and a medic. I'd like to see the chance for a variety of strats to have success espeically for unique builds such as speed-based build (run'n'gun).

    Just read they are planning on making SAS 5. I've only just startted progressing with SAS 4, why can't they just build and evolve with this??

    I know why, its because NinjaKiwi are money-hungry sellouts, more interested in exploiting kids with rich parents than providing a deep, balanced, varied gameplay experience that they would otherwise have if they chose to work on the existing game. But its not too late..

    And I mean, SAS 5, c'mon...what they first four weren't good enough friggin games you have to ditch them and start again. Please, take responsibility for delivering a quality product...would you rather be a local take away that delivers quality food at good price, sourced from local farms and fisheries, or, a friggin McDonalds, which is cheap and sometimes fun but provides absolute nutritionless crap, in fact they've shown that eating the wrapper of your Maccas burger is more nutritious than its "food", and it bulldozes the Amazon rainforest in the process. Please...


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      Lol don't bother.


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        It's a 3 year old game on a dying platform (flash goes away in the near future). Development on the flash version ended June of 2016. The code is complicated, and messy to clean up from my understanding.

        NK is looking at developer time on the Steam/mobile version, likely to get that version up to the flash version (crafting and championships).

        I suggest enjoying the game for what it is. And you want NK to make money so they can make more games.


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          I doubt NK would work on new content for SAS4 mobile... the gun designers quit long ago, developers as well. Making a whole new championship and event system that would work is too much work for such a dead game... too much work for not enough $$$
          Dark Halo


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            -Nightmare tickets is purchase-able with cash. Up to 15M+ cash to buy one premium ticket.

            -Samples I would remove since in general, everyone follows you around and collects, and eventually steal your effort.

            -I would add more black equipment such as black turrets and more black pistols.

            -boost daily reward xp and cash is changed to 3x but only used once.

            -Nightmarish bosses would have a second buff. Example: Nightmarish Savage Necrosis Elite, Extra Fast and Extra Strong. Drop rates on these specific bosses are HIGH. Black key and core would triple drop rate. However, to obtain a boss like this, a level 400 game is needed. But this boss appears 4% of the time.

            That's something I would do.


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              A gamemode similar to Turned from Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies, or something similar to Grief

              Turned: 1 human, 3 zombies, human survives as long as he/she can, zombies must kill human to become human (if that make sense)
              Grief: 4v4 survival, can work with or against other players, one team must last longer to win.


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                I felt rockets high damage bullets cost too expensive,I had 3 kinds of rocket(m3100、furie、t-102)for apoc、lms、vs.

                If I often play these three kinds of events and keeping save alloy for craft cores,
                Daily nm tickets and the money of bosses drop can't supply me to buy bullets.

                I hope NK can decrese rockets bullets cost and add bosses money drop.


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                  Ammo recovery is your friend....carry 2 of whatever you want in there. For 3100, you can bring Jadg or 3100 for that type of ammo. Although I'll admit I wouldn't have 2 furies. Suggested maps are Uranium Mine and Sea Lab for ammo recovery.

                  A+ gets you 6000 rounds of rockets. If you really think about it, ammo recovery for energy rocket ammo is probably the most profitable time you can spend in the game. 6000 rockets is well over $5 million for about 2 mins of work.

                  Another option is Field Supplies and hopefully capacity on your wep. 2 points should be enough to keep you good, especially on 3100.