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  • SAS 4 Suggestions Thread

    Suggest things you want added/changed with the game here.

    One thing I want changed is that I want the alloy prices for [BLACK] and champ guns to go down.........
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    Here's some suggestions.

    Get 20% of the total amount of money you spent on gun/armor augmenting back when selling the gun/armor.
    Example.. I spent 1,000,000 SAS Cash augmenting a gun. When I sell that said gun. I get 200,000 SAS Cash back.

    Scrap guns into alloy.. Example... If a gun cost 100,000 alloy and 100,000 SAS Cash to craft.
    You can scrap it for 35,000 SAS Cash Fee and get 4,500 alloy back.


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      Scrapping guns into alloy makes no sense at all, since you get guns from boxes and you can already scrap boxes.


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        The sell cap on red weapons needs to be raised to at least double what it is, and the sell cap on black weapons needs to be at the very least 100k.
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          I'd like a Sub-forum for SAS4 Equipment suggestions.
          I'm currently holding the place of most suggestions in the NK Forums.
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            A fifth augment slot for weapons and a fourth augment slot for armor. Cost: 3 cores and 50M cash

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              You know, I have an idea that combines two interesting things for NK in one topic.

              "Special" Boxes.


              ​A box that is borderline gambling, it can give you anywhere from 1,000-10,000 alloy, $100,000-$1,000,000, and a random premium gun. This box is purely probability based, and has a chance of giving either weak, or great rewards.

              Basically, this is a premium that goes for 100 NK coins, and gives you random rewards. Once it gives you a premium, you can no longer get one out of that box again. This is a way to save NK coins on a Rancor Torment, and a good amount of money and alloy, or, over pay for a Handkanone, and pocket change, purely probability based. The level restrictions still apply for the premium guns.

              The box is a deep reddish-brown, and has a question mark on where the box's number would be.

              What do you think?


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                What about a discount on craft prices for weapons?? E.g. whenever there is an special event or a champ the price for crafting weapons or armor decrease.


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                  Let Savage Zombdroid Servant and Savage Zombdroid Soldier have random chance to drop alloy.
                  After all they are robots.. They should have usable alloy after we punch holes in them.

                  Let Civilians have a random chance to drop First Aid Kits in normal mode. And have them drop alloy
                  at a very low chance during NM. [And WOW.. Multiple bosses in NM drops alot of cashes! Enough to cover High Roller.]


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                    I'd like to be able to buy NM tix with SAS cash. Say 3 million per ticket. You'd lose money, but it would be a way to convert cash to alloy. And you'd play for it.


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                      One idea that I have had is an S.O.S.-like system, where in single-player, if an individual needs help in a level, they can get help from another player. It is level-range matched, and the participating helper gets a fee from the S.O.S.-ing player(associated with level) and keys depending also on level if the mission is successful. These keys could be used to open a "Nantonium Vault" that allows them to get rarer weapons and equipment(depending on the player level), and/or proportionate amounts of SAS Cash. For higher-leveled players, this vault also has a rare opportunity to drop black-grade weapons.

                      I don't know if this is already true for high-leveled players (I'm 35), so that can be changed if necessary.


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                        Box scrapping should give much more alloy.
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                          Originally posted by gracchus View Post
                          box scrapping should give much more alloy.
                          ​Listen to that guy!


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                            I suggest an on-screen timer (like revive) for killing spree. Somewhere visible on the screen, and not cumbersome either.


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                              Originally posted by So Far So Good View Post
                              I suggest an on-screen timer (like revive) for killing spree. Somewhere visible on the screen, and not cumbersome either.
                              I​ think there should also be a timer for the Bioclense Bomb, and the Antidote ability too.