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    do you have to deal 100% of a zombie/boss's health in order to get mastery xp for weapon/armor? or can someone take a zombie's health down by 60%, you finish it off and both of you get xp?
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    Armor Mastery EXP is not earned by kills. It is earned on a game by game basis. A more elaborate explanation....

    Originally posted by Demo
    Each game that you win you get a random number 500-750 worth of mastery XP for a random armour type that you have equipped.
    This can be boosted by two things.
    If the armour piece that you are wearing of the mastery is grade 10 you get 50% more XP.
    If the armour piece that you are wearing of the mastery is red or black you get 50% more XP.
    This means that if you are suicide farming LMS for mastery you want to be wearing grade 10 red or black armour or you are really wasting your time.
    Whoever gets the kill gets the EXP. You can do no damage to a boss until the end, get the killing blow, and get weapon EXP for it. EXP is not shared as far as I know.
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      The number of kills should not influence the XP you receive for armor masteries. However, it does influence XP for weapon masteries. I believe that what matters is the number of kills that are attributed to you, which means that from bosses, only the person who deals the final shot will receive those benefits.

      (Weapon masteries are not based on zombie health, but quantity.)
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        Yeah, killing a boss will only give you 4 weapon xp assuming you win, same as killing a shambler.
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          As discussed on the other post, armour exp is rewarded at the end of a game provided you are wearing something, then it is randomly earned to a piece,
          as for guns, it is the initial shot that kills the zomb that earns the exp
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