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SAS4 - Hacker/Cheater Report [And NO Discussion]

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  • I know this is a no discussion area, but I want to explain to people who don't understand championship bugs. The excessive reporting of a known bug buries true hackers.

    The championship bug rerewards the previous 3 championships and wipes the progress of the current events (champ, virus samples, apoc, LMS, bounty). Most people that get them are honest players and can't help getting them. They aren't hacking or cheating. This bug only occurs on NK accounts to my knowledge.

    From discussions with NK (since I have gotten it twice, but sent rewards to a non-prime character), they aren't completely sure on the cause, so they don't exactly know what to fix. Therefore, they are not going to punish players for a bug. I can't promise they're not going to roll back/punish users that abuse the bug, but I don't think they plan take action.



      black tempest at level 32


      • byCethApp_54

        full black weapon and armor collection hack

        his achievement clearly shows he play very short time for sas4

        no lv 50 character

        don't have any lv 5 mastery
        hvn't collect all red gear


        • [QUOTE=Sam Mick]

          Here i'll save you the trouble

          Respect the classics


          • RingoExA

            two glowing champion guns without even one diamond badge


            • WhiteLucifer



              • Drisan



                no movement skills yet no movement restriction with M1000 w/o adrenalin skill.

                he has slightly faster move speed with M1000 than the other assault in team which had lv 25 movement skill




                • RubberPopper76034

                  badge and championship reward hack

                  not enough total medal to get 106 bronze, 49 silver

                  I know this is a no discussion area, but I want to explain

                  is it hack or bug, determine by nk
                  i just report not make sense player status

                  a bug only appear for some users often, can up to almost every hour
                  12 championship event held within 19 hours?
                  that week no championship event and
                  not championship reward sent day
                  Originally posted by Sam Mick View Post

                  report from Yesterday, 09:11 PM

                  now Today, 03:45 PM
                  from 401 bronze to 413 bronze within 19 hours
                  total medal not changed
                  12 championship event held within 19 hours?
                  if nk found that is bug
                  and don't want anyone to report those guys still continue claiming championship reward everyday,
                  nk can make a clan call "BUG" and put them in or
                  put a badge or tag "BUG" beside the user's name.

                  and NON BUG users have to compete with BUG users in same championship event?
                  should be separate them for playing and ranking or
                  different event or server for 2 group of users
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                  • Lvl 38 with full 10** armor, some pieces are high level and with at least 10*** high level guns. Skill points seem also all to be 25. Hacker is named as "RoseKal"

                    Posted by NK-username "Nekrupappa"

                    There should be a punishment of death from hacking of any kind.




                      • FisheyFishey

                        full black weapon and armor collection within 15 hours
                        speed hack, he teleport in game

                        start playing sas4 15 hours ago



                          Screenshot of suspect's load out. Note all max black gear and level.
                          Username of suspect: FisheyFishey



                          • Seems suspicious since my assault has that number of kills and hes only level 60, most players I see that are 90+ have 1M kills


                            • The offense here is obvious.
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                              You have done nothing or say anything,
                              and they sudden send you offend language.

                              -Sam Mick