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SAS 4 Flash 29 Stuck Loading Screen Fixed! No Downgrading!

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  • SAS 4 Flash 29 Stuck Loading Screen Fixed! No Downgrading!

    Follow These Instructions Carefully To Access SAS 4! Btw sorry I accidentally posted on general support.

    1. If you have any other flash players installed get rid of your latest one which would be 32.
    2. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and write in the search bar Add or remove programs or Programs & Features. (Add or remove programs Win10) (Programs & Features Win7)
    3. Try to find the latest Adobe Flash Player you have installed in, if you see it click the icon and press uninstall.
    4. Install Adobe Flash Player version 29.0.0171 from the official Adobe site :
    5: Once you are on that page, CRTL F on your keyboard and write 29.0.0171 install the one with the exact numbers.
    6. Open the folder once the process is complete.
    7. Once you open the folder you will see a 2 folders, the first one is named 29_0_r0_113 and the second folder will be called 29_0_r0_113 debug
    8. Click on the first folder which is 29_0_r0_113.
    9. You will exactly see 19 items in that folder, out of all the programs in that folder install the 12th program exactly under flashplayer29_0r0_113_win and it will say WindowsInstallerPackage
    10. Click on that icon and install that one. Now when you are done downloading that program, you will notice in your programs and features that it will be Adobe flash 29 player instead.
    11. Download Maxthon 5 browser from this link:
    12. Scroll all the way down until you hit the end of the webpage, you will notice the download button down there. Press install and it will automatically download for you!
    13. Once it is done, it will try to ask for you to make an account just skip that.
    14. Go to and find the sign in button at the page
    15. Log into your account
    16. You will notice a little yellow bar that notifies you on the top of your screen that says 'This browser does not have Adobe Flash player install now?' Press yes.
    17. DO NOT close the browser until it says it's done.
    18. Once you have closed the browser and gave Maxthon5 a browser refresh, go back into ninjakiwi and sign into your account.
    19. Find SAS 4 game pfft well yeah of course.
    20. Final step enjoy your game!

    I hope this will work for your guys! I tested it on some people, it worked for them. I know this is a crap ton of steps to follow, I consider 20 a lot. YouTube videos are harder to follow though. If the resolution is jacked up on the video, you are a goner.


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    Originally posted by DipperPines View Post
    And you are absolutely sure this works?

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      Hey don’t question me lol. I’ve tried it on some people it worked for them Maybe you can try it too haha. Easier than following some video with bad resolution. Idk since I saw a lot of level 100’s saying ‘OH I’VE SPENT A LOT OF MONEY AND I CANT GET BACK IN MY ACCOUNT’ then I thought it was unfair that you spend a lot of money in a game and that gets taken away.


      • Salmon
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        I'm only questioning you to make sure it's legit so I can contact a Ninja Kiwi Administrator for you.

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      Yeah I guess you could say it is legit if you follow the steps correctly, even Helen Keller could follow them. You can try it yourself literally but if you don’t trust me that’s fine then. 😁


      • Salmon
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        I'll get someone that can help you out better.

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      Hey you already helped me out lol.


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        My solution is similar to yours DipperPines except instead of Maxthon I use a developer version of Chrome. Chrome 62 which was the last version of chrome that's still able to access the swf file. Then disabled the ""Google API Keys Missing"on startup by: To get rid of the message...

        ...on Windows, you can use the command prompt to set the following environment variables to "no":

        setx GOOGLE_API_KEY "no"
        setx GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_ID "no"

        Credits go to Stackoverflow and contributing authors.

        after that just install the flash ppapi version 29. and you should be good to go.

        Luminos's solution may be a more secure way but like you I am not comfortable messing with system files.

        Would also like to add that I only use the outdated version of Chrome and Flash player to access SAS4 to minimize my security vulnerability. I would never use this web browser for my normal every day web browsing for security reasons.