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  • Your first level 100 character

    I was wondering which character is the most common to be first to level 100. Mine was Medic, then Heavy and now working on Assault.

    Which was your first, which is your favourite and why?

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    My first was my Heavy. Took 18 months to get it to level 100, shortly followed by my assault which also took about 18 months too. It's been about 2 years now since that happened and my medic is still only just 97, which means if I were to level him 100 now, it will have take 4 years, 3 months. I have 5 characters on Kongregate too, but the highest there atm is only 86.

    My favourite of the characters is the medic, as it can self heal. Back when I could only play by myself in singleplayer back in 2014, if I had know about the self healing factor of the medic, it would've been my first character, cause back then for me at least, staying alive in every single game was a challenge, hence why I put bio on everything and why my character's skills setup looked so very different from what everyone else expected.
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      Same as ZX840 it was a heavy which is now deleted since I really didn't know what I was doing back then. My favorite is my medic, had the most luck aquiring good items from the game and was first and only so far to be able to craft a trident.


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        My first lvl 100 char was my assault which took about 6 months b/c I could barely play at the time. Then my heavy and then my medic. Heavy took about 2 month.


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          Mine was assault and i gotta say i enjoyed playing assault a lot,dont regret anything ,,


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            first was heavy, accomplished two years ago. its my only 100 and it took like since sas4 came out due ot me playing sporadically


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              The first was an assault. It took me about 9 months. Up to level 80-85 I played mostly SP. Overall, I played about 3-4 thousand games. I started with Onslaught. After the first thousand I played the other maps. Mostly Pods. It was a very fun way along with the first end game build char and the first CS most fun time in SAS.

              Initially, I've been experimenting a lot with the settings. And I guess I did not break out of a bunch of other noobs. From a lot of bad (sometimes very bad) but fun settings, I've worked on the better ones. Every other character was faster, but the first was the first.

              As for the choice. Assault wins because of adrenaline, but if I knew more, I'd choose heavy. However assault is my love. The most fun of all the characters.