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Experienced opinions on HIKS 3100 and Jagdfaust?

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  • Experienced opinions on HIKS 3100 and Jagdfaust?

    Hello EverdiminishingSAS4community,

    I am aware that there are threads covering the 3100 vs Jagd topic elsewhere on this forum but I am looking for advice from experienced players who have used both extensively.

    I have a lvl 100 Medic with a recently fully cored Jagdfaust and it is mustard. Amazing for mobbing.
    I have a newer lvl 100 Heavy (with Heavy Gear skill) that has a black 10*** HIKS 3100, but I don't see what all the fuss is about with this gun. Augments are Deadly, OC, Adaptive. It seems so underpowered, in fact I prefer a red Jagdfaust.

    My heavy is on about 2.5M alloy and I will craft a HIKS M1000 soon for bossing.

    My question is, is it worth coring the 3100 on the heavy? Obviously this will add some grunt to it, but is it as good as a Jagdfaust for mobbing once cored?

    Yes, I know very well that people are different and different guns work for different players, styles, etc.

    Just looking for feedback from players who have both fully cored. Cheers.

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    For late round apoc, you're going to want the extra dps of the 3100 vs Jagd.

    Jagd will beat the 3100 for NM and most other uses, but for apoc, 3100 is better.

    And if you have lvl 5 mastery, I recommend not having adaptive and go deadly, oc, bio, capacity. You can finish off the mobs without reloading, and 1 point in fs will basically keep you in ammo most of the time.


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      Thanks for the input, my 10*** HIKS is now a 12**** and I can appreciate it a bit more. Base cores to follow.