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[Guide] Solutions to Reducing Lag in SAS4

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    Originally posted by VodkaHelpMeWin View Post
    Im use my 7 years old notebook with low memory but with USB flash drive with Ready Boost program on it as main source for virtual memory, also im use Thermaltake GOrb2 x2 at most overheating parts of my laptop. Maybe its help someone too.

    ReadyBoost is not a source of physical, nor virtual memory. It exists purely to shorten read/write operation times on your main disk, as well as to work alongside your paging file. Use this if you're using a hard drive disk (HDD) or a slow/old variant. On solid state disks (SSDs), this is mainly unnecessary to use; disable ReadyBoost & the Superfetch service in that scenario (Windows - 8 GB of reliable RAM or higher).
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      Originally posted by SOUP View Post
      Making sure you have the latest version of Flash Player is very important as in SAS4 we utilize multi-threading technology supported by the latest versions of flash but not by some of the older versions. If you have a CPU capable of multithreading then having the latest version of flash will help you a lot!
      This isn't true, the game doesn't benefit using Intel's HyperThreading (IDK about AMD's SMT). To make it worse, if you have poor connection while playing in NM mode with other players, your CPU (not overall) usage will be ~100% & the game runs like "slow-mo" mode (LOTS of delay).
      Your best solution is to buy overclockable Core-i5 (4 cores 4 threads), starting from Sandy Bridge.