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  • Originally posted by MAO View Post
    I think I got the "CS bug". I cleared my cache, because I wanted to play Apoc later. When I logged in again, I suddenly got the rewards from last CS, a gold medal and the achievement "Gold Champion V" (had 4 gold medals so far). Overall I am 9th at the moment, so I should receive my rewards tomorrow. Today is 1 day to early. I don't know why this happened, just want to tell you!


    The same bug happened to me 4 (!) times in a row, every time after clearing the cash. Not even a shutdown of my PC in between changed anything. It also kicked me out of top ten overall. Before I had a score of 57.452. Now I have only 27.188. So I stopped playing, because it doesn't make sense to go on. It seems that the bug occurs in combination with Chrome. I don't know if a rollback would help. I must say, I'm a little bit speechless now.
    Sorry you went through this MAO,
    To be honest there's no point in ya'll posting these bugs, Ninja Kiwi hammered the last nail into the coffin for SAS 4 2 years ago. None of these bugs are going to get fixed

    However I guess I am to make a bug post.
    Now, for my bugs - buying power ups in game doesn't actually work for me. Buying them outside of game, however, does.
    Also, if I buy ammo and then refresh the client, I lose that ammo.
    On a selfboosted meltdown, I lost connection, pressed Esc to pause the game, then hit "cancel" and the game closed...
    Apocalypse with MAO, score 1900 - adobe flash stopped responding, and after 2 minutes, I was returned to the main menu. I did NOT even receive my POINTS. It would have secured GOLD or me this championship, but unfortunately nothing Kiwi can do 'bout that :/
    Also guys, it's pretty obvious Vodanop is ban evading. His old account UncleTheDestroyer got banned for hacking, and Vodanop is his alt.
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    • 1. Your level, class and the mission you were playing?
      Lv38 - Medic - Vaccine

      2. Multiplayer or Single player?

      2.1 How many other players?
      Two others (three if you include me)

      3. How long you had been playing since loading the game?
      This was the first game I loaded on to since I started up the game.

      4. What you saw exactly. Include the moment something broke, odd things leading up to it?
      Nothing that I saw was really odd until it happened.
      Note: Only up to 0:30, but you can see in the top left that the timer has ran 3 minutes already. Rest of the video has nothing special.


      • So, i was playing SAS 4 using Chrome in PC, i played the first level.
        Then i was loading at the second level, in the middle of loading in the second level, Flash crashes.
        So i restarted browser and it was working normally, until the third level. At loading of third level, flash crashes too.
        I think this will happen often. How do i fix this?


        • Fragarachuforum you could try the in-game graphics low quality option. It says it's useful for game crashes. Game doesn't look as nice but it should still play.