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Important: How to fix sas 4 after flash update

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    ... I found the NPAPI file, searched "firefox flash player 29 NPAPI" on Google.
    Got flash now on Firefox, but SAS4 doesn't work there either. Also tried Version 28, doesn't work.


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      I had the same issue recently, I think the problem was with Firefox. So now it's working with Flash 29 NPAPI on a past version of Firefox. Uninstall Firefox and search for a previous version and it should work. You will need to make sure that Firefox settings stop it from auto-updating.
      Good luck.


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        Firefox version 63.0
        Adobe Flash Player 29 NPAPI

        SAS4 is working, thanks gregmo

        PS: Someone else recommended to use a browser called maxthon, I didn't try that, but maybe it will be useful for some people.


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          With your return to the playing public, average waiting times to fill a lobby will hopefully be reduced from one hour to 57 minutes.

          Just beware, Firefox has a habit of freezing your keyboard input from time to time, usually when a DM boss is on you (of course).Just switch tabs and return and it will work again.


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            I was very laggy with Firefox 63, I'm using Firefox ESR (extended support release) now. "The new super-fast Firefox, with features for IT professionals to configure and deploy Firefox in their organization." What this means basically is, it is Firefox 64, but you can use an old Flash version with it, so no more lag at the moment.


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              Thank you for the video! Really help me though