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Moot , But Make Apoc in Championships Single mode.

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  • Moot , But Make Apoc in Championships Single mode.

    The Game allows for 4 players BUT, players spend up to a half an hour jumping around looking for the "Perfect" Duo. Being that I play with whomever is around. I normally end up with players who decide to leave at 400 pts. because of "Boredom" from being killed every 2 seconds. I prefer players who just sit in a corner, at least they dont quit, making me waste 15 min. just to start over. Have the option for players to play Single mode. My first death doesnt even occur until 900 pts, and thats because of LAG. So the option to play single mode is far much better or make it 2 players NOT 4.

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    Surely you've noticed the fact that the game hasn't been updated for about year and has been stated to not be getting anymore regardless, so apart from this idea/complaint/annoyance being brought up a couple of times before, it ain't happenin', sorry.
    Why earn alloy when you can just buy it? It's only 36 alloy for every $1 million.

    Why open knowledge boxes when you get them? It's more fun to open 100 in one go cause they're easy to obtain - 1 a day or 100 a month, or... 1000 in half a year if you can be bothered saving that many for that long.... ; )

    Seems links in the forum are now broken, man I haven't been here in a while. Search 'Sylvan Lawrenz' on YouTube for some of my silly/mature content if you're interested.