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Some RED boot to compete equally to "Titan Men Sprint"?

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  • Some RED boot to compete equally to "Titan Men Sprint"?

    É assim pessoal, a cada 20 usuários veteranos que acompanho no multiplyers, 16 usam as famosas "Titan Men Sprint" obvio na versão "Red" ou "Black", da para entender o porque, com uma defesa física razoavel alta, as defesas "fogo" e "chermical" são razoavel, mas o maior TRUNFO é ter "12% de velocidade" isso sem Upgrade, ou seja, esta velocidade junto com uma defesa física num bom nível, torna ela OVERPOWER demais, comparado com a "Dragonfly Boots" RED (que eu usar direto) e a "Graphene Boots" RED muito descartados, ao menos no meu ponto de vista. E vocês, o que seria uma boa bota RED ou BLACK que competiria com essa "Bota Titan"?

    It issopersonal, every 20 veteransusers whoaccompany the multiplyers,16 use the famous "Titan Men Sprint" coursein "Red" version or "Black", theto understandwhy,with a physical defense reason ablyhigh, defenses "fire" and "chermical"arereasonable, but the biggestTRUMPis to have"12%speed"that withoutUpgrade,iethis speedalong with aphysical defenseat a good level,makesittooOVERPOWER, comparedwith the "Dragonfly Boots" RED (Iuse direct) and " Graphene Boots" RED much discarded, at least inmy view. And you, what would be a good boot RED or BLACK to compete withthis "Boot Titan"?
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    It does not seem compatible, using Google Translate,to use here.
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      From what I can tell you're asking which boots can compare to titans. For general usage there really doesn't seem to be anything better than titans.

      But there are some particular boots that can be worth using depending on your build/class. A medic can easily use medusa boots, a suicide build can use the dragonfly boots, a build heavily oriented around hp regen can use graphene boots, hardplate boots can be used with a with a dragonfly helmet or if you're a heavy it's an option. (although titans still seem better)

      Also Titan Men Sprint OP.
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        I'm gonna assume from that last sentence, that you're asking which boots are the best. Honestly, Titan MEM Sprints are the best. I mean, there's other boots that work, but these just seem to be the best.

        A medic can use Medusa boots for the energy buff (all Medusa gear has an energy/energy regen buff), but the Titan MEM Sprints are still better. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
        However, I would use the Titan MEM Sprints for all my end game builds.