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Wrong premium weapons for sale

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  • Wrong premium weapons for sale

    As you can see by the banner: S4k, Handkannone, and 505 should be on sale. But instead 3 completely different weapons are on sale. (planet stormer, WPX incinerator, A10)

    Same thing that happened last time this sale came up.

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    Lel, gg NK...
    Why earn alloy when you can just buy it? It's only 36 alloy for every $1 million.

    Why open knowledge boxes when you get them? It's more fun to open 100 in one go cause they're easy to obtain - 1 a day or 100 a month, or... 1000 in half a year if you can be bothered saving that many for that long.... ; )

    Seems links in the forum are now broken, man I haven't been here in a while. Search 'Sylvan Lawrenz' on YouTube for some of my silly/mature content if you're interested.


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      I have to admit this is actually just funny.