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  • Question about Arcing Weapons

    Over the 4 years that I’ve played this game I’ve acquired lots of high quality weapons and deciding on what to use can be tricky and varies from person to person if you don’t have easy access to a championship gun. Obviously some good guns are the Sublight COM, Hornet, Proposition, and the like, but what about guns like the Gigavolt. The lag it can cause aside, I’ve read arguments for and against its use from all kinds of players. I did a little research on the wiki, which I’ve been told not to rely on but since I can’t get an overwhelming amount for it on either side I have to turn somewhere else, and the wiki had some information on electrically arcing weapons.

    Now, I’m not sure how true this is since not every ‘fact’ in every wiki is automatically true, as is the nature of Wikipedia, but not everything is wrong by default either. This has left me with a few questions and I would really like some answers to set the record straight as to if the CM Gigavolt and the other arcing weapons are any good.
    1. How correct is the wiki?
    2. If the statement is valid do the extra damage ticks do full damage?
    3. Does the arc count increase if you arc off of a prop (i.e.: a door, plant, car, or the remains of a minion pod)?

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    1. The 'FANDOM' aka wikia for SAS4 was created by a bunch of people and over time has amassed lots of info about the game, however it was written by the fans and not by the devs, meaning it isn't always 100% accurate. I myself am on there a lot, but there's still a lot that's not right, but it can be too difficult to fix it, esp with how much there is.

    2. That statement is not quite valid. A zombie can only be hit once, but the arc will hit other zombies around the arc, but if you pierce through 2 zombies, both will be hit because you've now created 2 individual arcs, and the more zombs around each individual arc the more times they'll get hit cause of piercing - if that makes sense. If the pierce is 4, and the zombs are tightly grouped, then they will be hit 4 times each.

    3. No, as the object you hit is taking the initial hit.
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      Arcing weapons are the Most fun to play. But in Single mode. The best arcing weapon is the trailblazer. It does the damage of a main gun..Gigavolt and Jupiter, but in a Pistol slot. Leaving 2 Main guns open. With the Trailblazer, you are basically playing with 3 main guns. And yes the wiki is correct. the damage does multiply by the # of zombies hit. For example, with my Trailblazer, i would rather have 5 Stalkers than 1 Stalker. Because the damage is multiplied by 6. I dont know the exact numbers .But from playing i know it does more damage to multiple zombies than 1.
      I have a Full cored Black Trailblazer with 25 HTL, and 1 Crit. shot. I can Play a 400 lvl self boosted match with just a Trailblazer. The amt. of damage because of the Pierce and Arcing is Insane.I fire JUST 2 rounds and the Arcing fills the whole screen, and can kill whole mobs of Zeds from 1 spawn.