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    LMS? Finally, the event in which we all have a chance. Someone less, someone more. Unfortunately, it 100% won't. I guarantee that we'll see a lot of 1200 point games. So welcome to laggers. For example, game with user00111, YazanG, newpulsar, Black Beetle, etc. almost always that means 18 minutes of the game and 1200 points.

    Games with lagtanks:

    I think the whole CS is one big unbalanced event. Recently (last few CSs) players only thanks to the super help from past winners. So what I suggest for discussion?

    The overall contribution of the player in the game should be more taken into account. The number of kills, XP, bossing and time of the game itself. At the same time if someone abused lagtank, when the ratio of all potential values (the number of kills, XP, bossing) will be very unbalanced, for example, 80/20 etc., so would the value decrease. The arguments that low level won't have a chance is correct, but unreasoning.

    CS is the icing on the cake for the best players. Others must be satisfied with the participation. Or Let's try one or two CS instead of a multiplayer-only as a solo single. The Original idea of the SAS was that the multiplayer will be a platform for the emergence of friendship. I play SAS from 06/2014. Almost always when entering into the lobby to say hello. Many times no one responds, does not communicate and does not cooperate. So this argument today has no justification.

    And the other problem. Rewards. Between 4 and 50 place is the only real difference in the alloy. Ridiculous. 4-10 should be entitled to choose any weapons or equipment, 11-25 weapon selection and 26-50 selection of equipment always according to their own choice. Of course just outside the Trident, Furie and M1K. And in a similar vein, we could continue towards 51-100, etc.

    Of course, that first and foremost it's about the money. I am willing to financially participate and maybe there will be still others who would have contributed. I don't think that these changes will cost millions...

    Maybe Aaaron or someone responsible could wake up and start with our community to communicate.
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    Yadda yadda yadda no further changes blah blah blah....

    I mean with flash dying as well (officially, at that, right?) I also happen to see the point in not upgrading the game. Let the stragglers and insane people continue to enjoy, and all the regular people can quit and do something else.


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      Rants about the flawed and unbalanced CS have been forever there... I don't see why bothering to make another one.

      Of course that in order to win you need to lag yourself up in Apoc and LMS, and in VS and Apoc you beg for carries and furie boosts. You need 0 work and 100% carries and boosts.

      Also, those of us who are actively involved in the way top 3 in Championship works in the past few months, would know that it is a very hostile and dark process. Some would get other players' score wiped only to get themselves ahead in the Championship. Some would bug 20x more gear than they actually won, and some would directly attack others in order to not let them get the spot. It's more of a question of your ability to participate in the first place than your ability to win.

      I agree, SAS4 is not what it used to be. I still do sometimes find people to talk with in lobbies, but it unfortunately is only the same people all the time. I don't get to see new people in lobbies, I always see the same names I see every day. No new players coming, just old players leaving...
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        I think someone clicked the wrong event type. Recently the 2nd day event has been LS VS....