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Too frustrating ... hit wave 22 in Apoc and got nothing

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  • Too frustrating ... hit wave 22 in Apoc and got nothing

    I was with ThailandGuy and I even got about 8-10 strongboxes, which included a Nano. 30+ minutes wasted, with no medals obtained and no scorepoint in this week's championship. I am asking for a remedy to be provided.

    I just had Mission Summary: Level Failed show up. Lag was extreme in the later levels and somehow I didn't get any reward for this.
    As someone who has paid for this game, this is a massive disappointment. The lag is ridiculous and it impedes moving forward in the game.

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    stop lagging, get better pc

    sas discriminates against junk pcs. sas is also a dead game. stop playing it as well...


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      Stop crying. This real frustration.
      Yesterday I played 5 games. And what was the RNG? 4x dm bloaters, 4x dm shielders and other fast dm crap and as a bonus, great bosses dm necro or extra fast necro. Super great combination in a public lobby for the assault. And as an extra bonus in a only game without dms my partner was on the verge of a crash, so we have committed suicide in 43 wave. Buy a better computer.


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        Honestly if a remedy were provided it should be to make this game not crap lol. Since that's not going to happen, well...expect nothing.


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          I believe this bug is common, very. Happens to me personally at least 1-3 times per Virus Samples event, and rarely on Apocalypse.

          Hey, look on the bright side, I lost a 2000 score on Vaccine once
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            This has happened to me too. It's never happened for any score too high, but it's still frustrating. I find that if I kill the least zombies then I get nothing, always.


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              What jjboss said

              if you want those strongboxes back, go play a couple of quick pods runs on singleplayer, you'll find you'll get as much reward in that in the time the game wasted in your apoc session.
              Originally posted by ZX840
              Why earn alloy when you can just buy it? It's only 36 alloy for every $1 million.

              Originally posted by ZX840
              Why buy knowledge boxes when you can just earn them? Cause with all the bonuses now days, they're easy to obtain - 1 a day or 100 a month, or...
              1000 in half a year
              if you can be bothered saving that many for that long.... ; )
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