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  • Scroll button... scrolls

    The scroll button should not scroll while playing as it also has a function in the game. This makes the game absolutely unplayable.

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    Dark Halo


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      For me, the scrool button makes my sas upside down. idk why does it scrolls for u :v
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        Sounds like you either need to adjust zoom or get a bigger monitor....


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          i know, the game screen should capture the mouse...meaning u cant click on icons outside game area and delete ur /home folder lol

          what i do is full screen browser and then zoom page to 125% so browser scroller to the right goes away


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            errrrr dark halo ur my hero


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              and conveniently a control requires the use of the scroll wheel yet if you try using it in a browser not using the swf version, you end up scrolling the page and not actually using the correct function, gg nk.
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