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Question about Armor/Resists

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    This isn't 'perfect' but, just an fyi, it's 'close enough' to still be useful I hope.

    Basically just a tool to help you work out how much you can get hit before dying.

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      Originally posted by Lightning View Post

      Shouldn't you change this then (or least the rounding)?
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      OK, updated so that it rounds *down* in the 3rd decimal.
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        I decided to do a bit of number crunching from Rohan's spreadsheet and came back with this:

        Mainly for updating the wiki, but I can't upload my changes.
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          Originally posted by Topper View Post
          OK, updated so that it rounds *down* in the 3rd decimal.
          Okay great now it's clear

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            I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The developers of this game (similar to most humans I have encountered) do not understand simple percentage based arithmetic. Their terminology is wrong. Their algorithms are wrong. They add when they should multiply and subtract when they should divide. I wouldn't trust anything that anyone says. Just play, and try not to get eaten by zombies.


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              I know this is very old but I was wondering one thing about armor resistance, because of the 99% resist does that make tough body, die anouther day, thanks damage immunity 20% practically useless at higher levels? Also is immunity different from resist in any way or just anouther way of saying it?


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                I wouldn't say they're useless. Tough body still comes in pretty handy against dark minions (compared to bae which does not help at all against dark minions) and taking overall less damage. Die Another Day is also usefull especially right before you get smashed by a Dark Minion Savage Devestator or DM Savage Necrosis. Damage can still be taken even at 99%.

                Not sure about the immunity part, to me immunity seems like saying invulnerable or cannot take damage while resist would be taking less damage.


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                  do chemical and thermal resistance of zombies also reduce their damage received from the damage over time effect of my gun??


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                    Yes, resistances work overall over any damage source.

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                  Originally posted by Juan041605 View Post
                  Yes, resistances work overall over any damage source.
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