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  • Orlando Neto
    Its leaf is good even showing the calculationsdepending on eachuse of the weapon,but the biggest problem willbe, drop the "best" in Box Nano.

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  • Mightyena
    started a topic Gun Listing

    Gun Listing

    This will be my first post on the new forums, and as such, I feel it is necessary for y'all to have this spreadsheet of gun data that I started 2 years ago, and still update to this day. Those of you who are familiar know the deal, we got damage per minute, damage per second, and of course color coding out the wazoo. Point out errors and such and give correct values. Oh, I almost forgot, but about 2-ish months ago I added a sheet for turrets. Please tell me the DoT for the flame turret because I'm running on the assumption that it uses the impact damage as the DoT.
    This is the gun spreadsheet. Also turrets.