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  • Lovecraftian Bloons One-Shots

    These are stories revolving around the Bloons series in general. They are very bleak in tone, however, and more often than not will not have a happy ending.

    World 5: The Crawling Chaos (13+, probably):
    "Alright, Super Monkey, I've managed to figure out where exactly the Bloons are coming from! It should be about this point in outer space, where the fabric of space is considerably warped!"

    Dr. Monkey had prepared the Super Monkey working with him for this journey extensively. He had made cameras and even created a way to beam information through various places faster than light, and it was all thanks to his superpowered co-worker managing to bring a Dark Dirigible Titan for research. Apparently there was some outer source that steered the thing; he wasn't sure how, but it definitely worked.

    "I will be wearing this helmet connected to the cameras on your visor, so that I can record the menace behind all our troubles! Are you ready now?"

    The Super Monkey merely responded with a nod, before flying off to the supposed location. He was never one to talk too much, and he didn't exactly object to the camera attached to his equipment to record the source of the Bloons. Nevertheless, he felt a growing sense of unease as he approached the distortion.

    Upon further inspection, he found it was more akin to a portal, leading to somewhere that managed to seem even more desolate than outer space. The Super Monkey's nervousness grew, but he had to press on, for the sake of monkeykind. With a deep breath, he flew into the blank whiteness of what he could only assume to be the void, and through it, he saw... nothing.

    He flew straight for a while, and ignored the impatient mumbling of Dr. Monkey, as well as the twisting knot in his stomach. There was nothing here; where was this purported "outer source" the DDTs received their commands from? It had to exist, he knew that for sure, but it wasn't anywhere as far as he could tell...

    As he continued to fly, he suddenly stopped himself in his tracks; an enormous wall of Bloons had appeared right in front of him!

    "W-What in the Sun God's name? Where did that come from?"

    Neither Dr. Monkey nor the Super Monkey could process what was in front of them. A wall of Bloons out of nowhere? This couldn't be right. Flying back a bit, the Super Monkey used his Super-Vision to figure out how big it was.


    He was startled by the noise Dr. Monkey made. Despite how much Dr. Monkey could prattle on about science, Bloon-killing techniques and Power Blops, screaming like a madmonkey was not part of his vocabulary. Upon closer inspecting the "wall" he had found, though, he could see why exactly he did so.

    What he had chanced upon was a vast, amorphous structure of all kinds of Bloons, including some he didn't recognize. He wasn't sure what the dark dots behind it were, but when he looked harder to inspect them, he was cursing himself, wishing he hadn't been able to identify the Cosmic Latte permeating them. He had made a big mistake coming here, and he had no choice but to report his failure to kill the source of all Bloons.

    Unfortunately, fate could not grant him even that, as uncountable numbers of rubbery appendages wrapped around his limbs, body and head, near-instantly vulcanizing him alive. With nothing that could possibly stop this delusive mummification, the Super Monkey could only vocalize a single, looping thought:


    Dr. Monkey fared no better himself; having already gone mad upon realizing the source, he saw amidst the floating, cosmic bubbles, that that THING was growing. The fact that his co-worker was killed so easily (or so he wants to believe) only worsened his mental state, and whenever he managed to stop screaming, laughing, or both, he could only muster the energy to destroy the technology he had adored mere minutes ago.

    Sadly, or perhaps mercifully, depending on how you felt about his mental state, Dr. Monkey only managed to live one more year. Most peculiarly, his mad screams and laughter stopped entirely in April of that year, and it continued afterwards until he was found dead on May 13, slumped against his laboratory wall.

    Authorities couldn't tell what exactly caused him to behave the way he did. He apparently managed to scribble a rough approximation of what he saw in the many crumpled notes they had recovered, but they were still confused about the whole situation. Nothing in the lab should be able to drive anyone mad, but a few words were written in blood, combined with an unmistakable scar on his hand, provided a few answers to what happened... and many, MANY more questions.

    Bloontholep is coming.
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      That could have been a whole book but still well done.
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        The story behind this is actually kind of dark in it's own right.
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          Ah. H.P. Lovecraft. Now he's mixed with bloons? What have you gotten yourself into man?? I'll be looking forward to more.


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            Lovely very charming


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              Well, this is not a crossover I expected to see, ever, in my life. Incredible story though, excited to see more! :P


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                Getting posts up so i can make a support thread zzzzz


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                  good job dude!!!


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                    Lovecraftian horror is a subgenre of horror fiction that emphasizes the cosmic horror of the unknown (or unknowable) more than gore or other elements of shock.