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Why do bloons and Monkeys fight?[SHORT STORY]

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  • Why do bloons and Monkeys fight?[SHORT STORY]

    I was thinking about bloons this morning, trying to figure out how it all fit together. Here is what I came up with.

    For thousands of years, the monkeys had lived peacefully, expanding their city, farming, and trading with other cities. The popites had been enslaved as long as anyone could remember. Popites were small creatures that breathed helium and got their name from the sharp pop sound that could be heard when one died. The system was simple. Massive caves had banana plants growing upside down on the roofs. Popites can fly, so they stayed up on the roofs, where helium was. Just a little helium, so they could not escape. They were forced to farm the banana plantations in fear of the helium supply being cut off. What they didn't know, nor did the monkeys, was the other helium supply. Thousands of feet below, veins of radioactive elements were slowly decaying into helium atoms, one atom at a time. The helium had been building up for millennia, and was ready to burst at the slightest shake. Then the slightest shake happened. A Pineapple Present plane, normally used to guard the slave caves, accidentally released a pineapple into the cave. The explosion reverberated across the walls, causing gravel and stones to fall. Suddenly, with the force of a thousand underground Ground Zero tests, the helium exploded upward. From the surface, it looked like a huge bulge in the terrain, spreading for hundreds of tiles in every direction, flattening houses and decimating roads. A Super Monkey Villa was seen shooting upward at near escape velocity. Because it wasn't quite fast enough to enter orbit, it landed on a Heavy Ordinance building, starting a chain reaction. With the city annihilated, all that was left was a few monkeys, who ran out into the dark unknown...
    Meanwhile, at the Popites' cave, there was now a massive cavern, filled entirely with helium that would last for seemingly indefinite time. The popites started to build bases and factories in the cave. First came the Red Bloon model 1, a small balloon of helium a Popite could use to leave the cave for 8 hours. Then, when they realized this bloon was weak and could get destroyed by the Bloonberry Bushes on the surface, they started making layers. First it was a few more colors, then a lead bloon immune to the Bloonberry Bushes' thorns. They made ceramic bloons nearly impossible to shatter, and arctic-proof white bloons to volcano-safe blacks. Then they thought to go big. Assembly of something they called the "MOAB" was begun. The blimp, when completed, would be just big enough to cram four ceramic bloons inside for long distance transport. The blimp would also carry five pressurized helium tanks that would last the popites days, if necessary. Soon, bigger blimps such as the "BFB-1" and the "ZOMG-3" came out as options for mass transport of popites across the lands.
    The monkeys arrived at a safe location and decided to set up camp. They had little resources and built a small town hall, small farm in the little fertile soil available, a bank for their resources, windmill for power, and two small huts. They then saw the red objects among the trees...

    I hope you enjoyed it. It was really short but I thought it seemed interesting. Don't ask why they were testing Ground Zeros before bloons existed. Just enjoy it.

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    That story was epic!
    I can't spel.

    I'm NOT dead.