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[New Game] Bloontonium Lab Idle - We can make this together!

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  • [New Game] Bloontonium Lab Idle - We can make this together!

    Hello! So I created a new Game, currently in Alpha version.
    You can also find youtube videos playthroughs while making this game here:

    I will be glad to hear your opinions/ideas.

    Short story:

    Young monkey: U-oo-h-daddy, daddy, why do you think that Bloontonium Lab is dangerous for us?
    Old monkey dad: You know, son, I can tell you one very old story about our Ancestors, who lived prosperous life, but when they found a portal similar to this, used in our Bloontonium Labs, but a lot more powefull.
    Young monker: Yes daddy, yes-u-o-oh! I want to hear that story-u-oo-h!

    Old monkey dad: Then listen me son, I will tell you everything.
    Very long ago an old monkey nation living in city Monktaltida lived an prosperous and good technological life.
    But as everywhere, monkeys, that wanted more health, were lazy and were trying to get a lot of money by any means possible.
    Then they discovered, one very curious material, called bloontonium. It was made in very difficult process and needed dimensional energy.
    This dimensional energy, called calories was transfered through dimensional holes. It was commonly used for generating energy, known as calories for all monkeys, so things like bananas, apples and more juicy fruits could be not only harvested in farms, but also generated and produced through this artificial means.
    Unfortunately, all dimensional holes were small and didn't give a lot of calories. But some smart monkeys discovered, that those dimensional portals can be redesigned so they will be producing more and more energy. But the effort was very bug to redesign them, so it was used cautiously, cause if they redesigned those portals very often, it was still harder and harder.

    One group of lazy monkey got very evil idea:
    Lazy monkey: "What if there existed some very big portal, so it can be redesigned to create a lot of calories?"
    Very lazy monkey: "That's good idea! We would be able then to produce a lot of calories!"
    Smart lazy monkey: "But how we will use those calories?"
    Lazy monkey: "Haven't you heard about bloontonium?"
    Smart lazy monkey: "Banatonium?"
    Lazy monkey: "No! Bloontonium! It is used to created Bloons!"
    Very lazy monkey: "Bloons?! Those are very dangerous!!!"
    Smart lazy monkey: "Yes, they are! But if we have enough energy, we can control them and attack other monkeys, so they will do our bidding!"
    Very lazy monkey: "And we can be then lazy as much as we want, cause everyone will give us all their bananas!"
    Smart lazy monkey: "Exactly! So? What do you think, should we try this? Not so long ago i found one very curious place, shall we go there?"
    Lazy monkey: "I don't mind."
    Very lazy monkey: "As long as I can sleep there, yes."

    Old monkey dad: And monkeys went to that curious place and I think, you know what happened there.
    Young monkey: What? What happened?
    Old monkey dad continues: They found a portal, one with very big dimensional crack. And so they started to produce bloons.

    To be continued...


    Game Link:

    Current version: 0.01a - game is on the top of the page
    If you see another version on website, just reload with Ctrl+F5
    Also if you have any problems

    The game is programmed in Unity and exported in WebGL, so you can run that on mobile also (Unity will warn you WebGL is not currently supported, but on some deives you can run that)
    It will downoad around 15MB (the current size) so you need to wait a litte for start.
    If it would be possible I can host it here on but i am absolutely not sure if it is possible and how that works, so currently, this is on my website.

    Idea for the Game and other details:

    I want to make this game realisticly-fantasy. I think some of you know Stargate? They are using some real information and using them with fantasy-sci-fi things, so I want to make this a little similar.
    I want the ideas to be based on some real things and also combine them with fantasy.

    So first i am making this "idle" game, but it may change by time to not-so-idle and more to story/adventur/rpg clicker or similar.

    The idea is to make an "Bloontonium Lab" that will produce a lot of bloontonium.
    This might be the first game in series. Maybe after this, we can continue to make story (if you people will want, and also if we will be able to)

    So, this is idea how to make a first "red" bloon:
    It will be goal for this first game.

    Now there isn't a lot of things. There is:
    Portal in middle - i found that mosue click is 1.42calories (that is 0.00142kCal) and one banana have 48kCal so we are trying to reach this.
    But it would be long to click around 30-thousand times, so i made "portal redesigner" and incorporated that also to the story.
    Redesigning portal will increase one click worth of calories.
    The current formula for redesigning portal is: newClickWorth = (_caloriesAvailable / _totalCaloriesUsed ) * _actualClickWorth; (also on start totalCaloriesUsed is 100)
    To get one monkey working, you need 10 bananas. You can have 3 monkeys working always, so they will generate latex, needed for making "bloontonium".
    If you have more than 3 monkeys, they are monkeys "called to work" and they will work only some time. So one monkey will be substracted every second.
    But the more monkeys you have, the more latex per second you wil get.
    Current formula is:
    _latexAvailable += 0.001 * _monkeysAvailable;
    if (_monkeysAvailable >= 4) _monkeysAvailable -= 1;

    So this is just the first alpha version.

    Also guys, I don't really know, how copyright and those things works, so any help in this will be very nice
    So, tell me your ideas and what you want to see in next update. I am thinking about maybe making polls for this.
    Also if you want, you can post graphics (also links to some in forum), sound, story, just anything

    Game is saved every 10seconds. You can reset it anytime you want.
    I reccomend to use some autoclicker for fast testing
    And you should have 10-times more calories available than used before redesigning (thats optimal) so like 1000 clicks
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    Will we be able to make things that produce it automatically?
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      Nothing appears when you click on the link.
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        It just shows the sample page?
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          Calories? really?


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            Little bit confused. Clicked on the link... Can't find the game.