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    Old one's in the old forums.Wanna look?Just go to the off-topic section to search for em.

    Artillery Battery PART 2

    "Okay,its settled,forget that.Now I need to call Jake and some of his students to help me out",said Dr. Monkey.The following evening,the crew were here."Okay,gang let's get this started",said Jake.Suddenly,*CRASH**BUILDINGS DESTROYED*.It was the Titanium Bloon with the Heavy Metal Bloon attacking the city."Wait...are those...decals?",asked Jake."Yeah,these things gave em bloons a major upgrade.And the ones we're dealing with are the Cracking and the Bloonception decals.Bloonception doubles the amount of the bloons released if a Black,White,Zebra,Rainbow,Ceramic,Lead,MOAB,BFB,ZO MG or DDT got popped whereas the Cracking one will release sharp fragments once popped",said Chuck.

    "Ahh.So you know what we're bringing,eh?Well,you gonna be facing something...worse",said the Titanium Bloon.Earth rose up from the ground surrounding the bloon,creating the Bloon Golem,a creature with earthen armor,some leads and ceramics as well as Blacks as it eyes."now you're gonna have a bad time",said the golem.The goliath destroyed the walls,making way for the Bloons to attack."Okay,got any of em Dart Scatterguns and Hot Rod Nail Rifles?",asked Chuck."Yup,let's kick some bloon ass",answered Jake.

    The crew got prepared with the guns whereas General Chuck had the Pineapple Launcher he got from Phil."Ya ready?",asked Chuck."Heck yeah.Also Simon and Ted,you guys help Dr. Monkey prepare the artillery,we defend you",said Jake.The two sides fought.Bloods dripping,Bloons popped,it was a catacalysm.Until Simon and Ted finished the Artillery Battery."Nice!Let's pop those bloons",said Jake.The artillery's ready,and it began shooting massive amounts of shells,hence the Pop and Awe ability.It popped all bloons,but the golem and the Heavy Metal Bloon were slightly damaged."Come on,guys do it again!",cried Jake.But there's no ammo."You're so gonna get crushed",said the Bloon Golem.It tossed half a dozen of boulders.

    The boulders went flying towards the monkeys,when suddenly it got sliced into pieces,the Nightmare Monkey's here,hungry for some bloodshed...bloonshed I mean(Okay what's wrong with ya H4l0)."I-I-its nice to me-meet you",said the creature.It disappeared out of thin air,then reappears near the golem.The two creatures began the fight.The golem shook the earth with Earth Wave,heavily damaging the monkey.Before it escapes,it slashed the golem,then ran into Jake and disappeared."Well,even though we won,we gotta fix this.I must say,it must've costs thousands of Monkey Money",said Jake.

    During night time,Jake prepared to sleep.Suddenly,a figurine appeared under his bed."Who are you?",asked Jake."I'm the Nightmare Monkey,Mar-",the monkey disappeared before it managed to respond the question.Jake was surprised to hear the answer."Well might as well get to sleep.Another day,another teaching",said Jake.Since then he began having nightmares....nightmares about the ferocious Nightmare Monkey.

    The end.Now then please suggest any tier 4 upgrade you want.Not the following:

    4/4 Dart

    4/x Tack

    4/4 Boomer

    4/4 Ninja

    4/4 Bomb

    4/4 Ice

    x/4 Glue

    4/4 Bucaneer

    x/4 Super Monkey

    4/4 Apprentice

    4/x Engineer

    4/4 Heli(there's a real model)

    x/4 Sub

    x/4 Mortar

    4/x Spike

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    You should link the old ones if you really want people to look at them.


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      Iknow but..... maybe when I have free time

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        What's up with the lack of spacing?
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          Which one?

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            Originally posted by H4l0Gamer4332 View Post
            Which one?

            The story in this one, it has paragraphs but there's no spaces.


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              Oh.Well basically I do it ever since I started.Why is it a problem?

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                Originally posted by H4l0Gamer4332 View Post
                Oh.Well basically I do it ever since I started.Why is it a problem?

                It makes it hard to read, for me anyways.


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                  Finally, a new story :P

                  Bloon Liquifier

                  Day 1:I started my journey towards the Abandoned Bloontonium Lab.I travelled through the harsh deserts,and the cold White Wasteland.I heard of a myth where the Aquamonkey lives there playing around.I believed the myth as most monkeys went there,but never came back to tell the tale.However,I,Dave the Ninja Scout,was forced to go there after the Monkey King ordered me to retrieve the Acid Flower,a deadlier yet rarer version of the Sticky Sap variant.

                  Day 3:Stopped at Sticky Sap Town,for extra supplies and shelter.Daniel,my friend.came close and spoke to me."Why go there?",he asked."To get the Acid Flower",I replied.

                  Day 8:Walking down Phase Crytal Mountains,until a group of Blacks appeared and took me prisoner.Luckily,I used my sai to slay them.I continued my journey towards the lab.I remembered the time me and Chloe went to the lab when we were young.The lab tested lots of weaponries,like the Spike Storm and the Ray of Doom.Until one day,the lab got destroyed due to an unstable blast of plasma.

                  Day 10:I reached the lab,its filled with vines,stick sap flowers,and even rubble.I entered the lab,where a big pool was in front of me.I went closer,until I found her,the Aquamonkey.She seemed curious about me,I tried to take a picture,however she dived into the depths.Huh,guess the myth's wanna stay as a myth.

                  Night 11:I set up camp,hoping for the next day to shine.Suddenly,when the moon's full,I heard of a beautiful song,I went towards it,the Aquamonkey actually did it,luring me by the siren song just to make me dinner...."Fight it,just fight it,Dave!!!",I fought the song,however she leaped towards me,trying to hurt me,then eventually ate me.She sprays water in a straight line…more like a Ray of Water,which hit me.I was in pain.Then she sprayed again.I dodged it,and sent shurikens towards her,it hit the creature.She cried,suddenly a strong wind appeared,then vines covered my view.She disappeared.I went to sleep.In my dreams,a figure appeared in front of me,saying "Don't forget me,Dave.I will be back",then it vanished.

                  Day 12:Got the flower,headed back to the city.Along the way,the Aquamonkey jumped right above me when I was crossing a bridge,splashing me in the result.Suddenly,I remembered something."Sasha?"

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                    Okay,if you know the reason why I bumped this 2 year old thread,congratulations you've read my new thread and I'm getting framed for being a fool necroing an old thread.Anyways,here it is another tier 4 story.

                    Story of the Spectre.

                    "So far the coast is clear,over",said Andy through his radio as he was patrolling the skies of the Monkey City in his biplane(cuz the Monkey Ace's plane looks like a biplane okay?).This was the time before he became the captain of his ship,the Warhead.He was once a pilot of a biplane capable of shooting 8 seeking darts.He was only 16,yet he can fly a plane used for aerial combat.It all started after his parents had died from a battle with the forces of Monkey City against Bloonarius.He was traumatized by the incident,so he said to himself."One day,I will be pilot to avenge my parents death and to serve the Monkey City".

                    As he was patrolling the skies,Jake,the one who adopted him,saw that his plane was damaged,so he told one of the Ace Fleet members to have permission to repair his ship.As the plane landed,Jake started repairing the plane.As he was repairing,Andy approached to him and said him something.

                    "Hey dad,I was thinking of a new plane capable of flying in high altitudes and long distances.Can you build one?",he asked."I'm afraid that's not gonna happen,son.If you even have the blueprints,I just can't",replied Jake."Why?",asked Andy with confusion."Easy,its teatime with Ren and Charlie and I'm not gonna do it today.I don't want to waste this moment by building a new plane.I need a rest,maybe next time?",said Jake.

                    "Okay..",replied Andy.

                    It was another day of patrolling the skies until the Heavy Metal Blimp attacked the city."Go!Go!Go!Get to your positions,men!",ordered General Chuck.But what they did not know was Andy was patrolling through the mortars' line of fire.The general ordered the mortar squad to take down the machine.Most of the shells hit the Heavy Metal Blimp,but one of them accidentally hit the engine of the biplane.Andy was sent plummeting towards the ground.

                    "Oh....well....that's gonna be a problem..",said General Chuck."Calling all scouts,a plane has been taken down.Search it and rescue its pilot".The annoucement was made and the scouts were scattering around the jungles of Monkey Lane.

                    Meanwhile,Andy was heavily injured.He took shelter at a nearby tree.As he was resting,he noticed something.A piece of metal besides him

                    There must be another plane other than mine.

                    He started searching for the plane.And then,he found it.The plane was damaged.He had a look and noticed something.

                    The Phantom.

                    He was amazed by the design.Four propellers,two each constructed at the wings of the plane.There was also a dartling gun,heavily damaged and a couple of pineapple launchers,a very unique kind of weapon.

                    Just then,Dave,the Ninja Scout,found him."Thank goodness you're okay,but you are heavily injured,I'll take you to the hospital",said Dave."Wait,do you have a piece of paper and a pencil?",asked Andy."Why,yes.Here you go.",Dave handed out the piece of paper and pencil from his satchel.Andy began sketching the plane and was sent to the hospital later.

                    Some time later.

                    Andy went to Jake's workshop and showed him the sketches of the plane."This,this is the Phantom that I created.How did you found it?",he asked."Well I found a piece of metal besides me,it was kinda rusty and I searched for the plane as I thought there was another plane other than mine",replied Andy.

                    "Boy,you've gave me an idea.How about we rebuild this plane,but modify it?",asked Jake."Sure,but we need some help",said Andy."Why ask when already have them?",said Jake as he showed Andy his friends,Ren and Charlie.

                    "We heard about the conversation and we liked to help.Maybe calling Dr. Monkey for the modifications will be useful",said Charlie."Okay,Charlie.Now hurry up gather the materials and let's start building the Phantom!",shouted Andy with excitement.

                    To be continued(why what do we have,two stories that have more than one part,this will need a lot of plot thinking.Don't ask).
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                      Ok here goes.The continued version of the story.

                      Story of the Spectre PART 2.

                      Weeks later,the crew had finished building the brand new Phantom despite facing challenges.Apparently,this was the last Phantom they can create because Dr. Monkey no longer had the technology needed to build another one as it wasused on this plane.Eager to fly,Andy jumped into the plane and sat on the pilot's seat to control this warplane.Jake warned him about the controls before he took flight.After that,there he goes.Flying in the atmosphere with the Phantom.He felt that someday he will be the pilot of this plane.

                      One day,an aerial assault by the Bloons had hit the Monkey City.The Ace Fleet sent out their biplanes to counter the attack.The planes and the Bloons were evenly matched,when suddenly the monkeys noticed some planes were sent crashing."What's that decal?Never heard of it before.",Andy asked to Jake with confusion."That is the Jugger decal.This decal can greatly increase the bloon's speed and it has armor as thick as a Spiked Ball.And since they are dashing towards the planes,I think that's the cause of the planes crashing down",answered Jake.

                      Andy noticed that there were also Bloonception decals on the Bloons.The Bloons easily swarmed the planes.

                      I have to do something.

                      He ran to a hidden warehouse.There,the Phantom was stored.He activated the plane and it took off.The plane was heading towards the bloons.

                      Let's see what does this thing do.

                      As he pressed the fire button,the gun started shooting nano-sized spiked balls that came back to their original size two seconds later.With this attack,the amount bloons decreased rapidly.Then
                      something hit the plane with great force.It was the swings of axes by the Heavy Metal Bloon.Andy tried attacking the blimp with spiked balls but its lead armor caused the balls to deal no harm to it."Let' see you can penetrate my armor",the blimp said.

                      Ughhh.There's got to be something else.

                      He noticed a lever which he pulled it afterwards.Then,a some sort of control panel for something appeared inside the plane in front of him.It was the controller for the Missile Launchers attached by Jake."Okay,fire!!!!",he said as he began firing the missiles.This time,it caused damage towards the blimp but its not enough.

                      "Hey!!That plane can't be fought with one person only!!".It was the sound of Jake who was bringing along his old Phantom and its squad that was succesfully repaired.He told them that this will be the plane's last fight.The squad fought with honor.One of them handled the Dartling Guns while the other took care of the controller for the Pineapple Launcher while some of them did their best reloading those weapons while Jake was controlling the plane.

                      The two planes fought hard,until the Heavy Metal Bloon unleashed its Multi-Weapon Mode.This mode gives the bloon a shield,two beam-shooters,two spinning saw blades,and two swinging double headed axes.This monstrosity unleashed hell on the planes by going all out.It fired the beams to maximum power,maximizing the shields' strength,and strengthen the axes and blades.This attack had destroyed the city heavily,even the city's Advanced Monkey Intelligence Comms.

                      "We need to take down the bloon that is controlling this armored machine",said Andy.His Phantom attacked the pilot while the other one piloted by Jake distracted it.Minutes later,the glass had been broken and the Energy Bloon was taken down,along with the Heavy Metal Bloon.And thus,the aerial fight had ended and Andy was given a promotion to become the pilot of the Phantom.

                      Years have passed,Andy had gone through missions as a pilot of the Phantom.The plane had also been upgraded while the old one was turned to scrap but the old plane will be in Jake's memories forever.The Spiked Ball Launcher was replaced by Juggernaut Balls,and Andy decided to call it Jugger MK I.Then he decided to become a captain of an Aircraft Carrier.So he left the Ace Fleet and went to join the carrier in order to become captain.In fact,the addition of The Phantom greatly increased the force the ship.

                      Some years later.

                      Andy had finally became captain.He was proud of it.Then,a monkey walked towards him.He dressed in a robe that symbolized fire.It was his best friend Alexander,the Master of Fire.He shaked hands and with him."Hey,dude.Long time no see",said the wizard to the captain."Yeah.Question,what are you doing here?",asked Andy.

                      "Well,"(Story of Aircraft Carrier begins.Here's the link(again):

                      Story has ended.

                      Suggest please.

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                        Here's another one.Enjoy.(Off schedule,so what?Sure,I didn’t do stories the past two weeks cuz I need a break,this one,well I’m bored)

                        Story of the Ground Zero(Part one)

                        Somewhere at a Bloon base,a Red Bloon was looking at the radar so that the Bloons can prepare themselves for an incoming attack.It saw no signs of monkeys appearing on the radar.Despite that,it continued its job.Then,a plane was flying around the base.Its a Dart Storm plane that cannot be detected by radar(pretty much a dart shooter version of the stealth bomber)The bloons panicked as they were not prepared for this kind of attack."Calm down!We can do this.I mean,High Energy has prepared us weapons so that we can use.Now,go attack them!",said the Red Bloon.

                        The Bloons attached the weapons on them.There were shotgun modules,rocket launchers,and more."Ready?Fire!'.The armed Bloons began shooting the plane.It was a fierce fight as both sides took significant amount of damage.Luckily,the Bloons had survived the attack as they had destroyed the planes' weapons,leaving it exposed to the Bloons' attacks although the Bloons had a lot of casualties(deaths).

                        The plane had arrived at Monkey City.The pilot,Luna reported to the leader of the Ace Fleet that the attack had failed.She suggested a weapon that can annihilate all the Bloons in a certain area.However,the leader refused the request as it can result in an environmental destruction. Until one night,she dreamed of a figure.It was a Bloon doing explosive experiments.And then it switched to a bomb being deployed at the communications tower.

                        The next day,the monkeys had reported that the the Bloons were about to launch an attack at the communications tower,led by the Heavy Metal Bloon.

                        “Well now,they didn’t suspect a thing.Red Bloon at the Jungle Base,commence Operation:Ground Zero.”

                        Meanwhile,at the Jungle Base.

                        “Alright,guys.Prepare the bomb!!This here is the weapon that will ensure the victory for us Bloons”.The Bloons that were assigned for the task executed it immediately.The bomb was placed inside what looks like a fake Mini MOAB.Inside there were space that can fit a couple of Bloons.The bomb was ready.The two Ceramic Bloons who will pilot this fake blimp entered it.The Red Bloon ordered some MOABS(real ones) to carry the bomb.”Remember,this is very explosive,try not to make it fall.”.The bomb was tied with four different ropes and each rope was tied around the four blimps.They were ready to take off to the tower.

                        At the Communications Tower.

                        “Hurry send backup now.We can’t handle this ourselves”,said Hal,a COBRA agent and one of the monkeys assigned to defend the tower.The leader of the Ace Fleet and General Chuck received the message from him and prepared their squad assigned to defend the tower.”Luna,you will lead these Dart Storm planes.Go show them Bloons who’s boss.”.Meanwhile,General Chuck himself lead his squad of Missile Launchers and MOAB Assassins(controlled by monkeys,the aiming and reloading part.How do they move them to the battlefield?Don’t….ask please…).

                        The two squads had reached the tower.While General Chuck was positioning the missile launchers,Luna and her squadron began attacking the Bloons that were airborne.With the Bloons being armed,the battle became much more furious.Gunfire,explosions,and pops here and there.

                        Then,the bomb had arrived.The MOABs flew their way towards the tower.”What the heck is that?”,General Chuck asked to himself.As the MOABs went down one by one,the fake Mini MOAB started moving.It’s getting closer to the tower.

                        “Alright,then.Let’s escape this bomb.We’re lucky that we were provided the thrusters to make a quick escape”,said one of the Ceramic Bloons.The back of the blimp was opened and the two escaped from the area with their thrusters.The other Bloons and blimp also retreated.

                        The monkeys cheered for driving the Bloons away,except Hal and General Chuck.They felt something was wrong.Suddenly,the monkeys heard a noise.

                        “Everyone,get outta this area.That blimp…it’s a bomb!”.The bomb exploded.The huge explosion caused many deaths among the monkeys,even the destruction of the Missile Launchers and MOAB Assassins.

                        This is General Chuck to the Monkey King.The communication tower….is destroyed.All of our intelligence we gained for the past 13 years is gone now.

                        With the tower being destroyed,the Monkey City can no longer make or receive transmissions from other towns or cities.The monkeys mourn over the destruction of the tower and the deaths of the fellow soldiers.Luna shed her tears as her father,Hal,had died because of the explosion.She promised herself to retrieve the blueprints of the bomb.

                        Four nights after the Comms Incident(name of the incident).

                        Some Leads,Whites and Blacks were guarding a cave.Some of them were having a conversation about what was inside the cave.One of them replied that the experiments and the blueprint of the ‘Ground Zero’ was in there.Suddenly,the Bloons heard some pops.One of the Leads ordered some of the Blacks to equip their shotgun and SMG modules because they will go to the site to investigate what’s happening there.They reached there and they saw some popped Bloons and bullets scattering on the ground.”Something must’ve attacked them.But who?”,said the Lead Bloon.

                        Then,a ball of light flew towards them.Some of them got popped while some of them survived.”Hurry!Chase it!”.The remaining Bloons began chasing the thing.The chase went on and the Bloons began firing to slow down their target.Some bullets hit it.Injured,the target casted a spell that creates a mist,leaving them blinded by the mist.It attacked the Bloons in the mist.”Where is it?I can’t se-“The Bloons had been defeated by the target.
                        The mist began to fade away,revealing the figurine.It wore a robe with some picture of the moon’s phase,the crescent,the half-moon,and the full moon.It also had a staff with a crescent moon at the tip.It was the Moon Witch.She went towards the cave after defeating the remaining guards.It was dark,so she lit the cave with her staff.

                        As she was searching something,she noticed someone was following her.She lit up the whole cave with her magic and it was revealed.The Warhawk mech was apparently the inhabitant of the cave and the guard.

                        Trying to steal the blueprints,eh?Defeat me and you shall pass.

                        The mech pulled out its katana and readied its smoke bombs,while the witch prepared her staff.She unleashed a barrage of light bolts while the mech easily avoided it and disappeared and reappeared behind her and hit her with its katana.The witch,being severly cut,healed herself.But before she could even do it,the mech fired some rockets at her.The witch blocked it and summoned the Moon Beast to attack the mech.

                        Activate Machine-Shuriken.Target Acquired:Moon Witch.FIRE.

                        The mech began shooting barrage after barrage after barrage of endless shurikens from its machine gun(a weapon designed specifically for the Warhawk).The continuous barrage took down the beast,thus saving the mech from the beast.

                        Looks like your powers are no use.Prepare yourself for the execution.

                        The mech noticed that she began to fade away.Apparently that was a decoy that she created to fool the mech.The mech then began tracking the witch after she stole the blueprints for the bomb.

                        You can run but you can’t hide,as this jungle has a lot of traps that I set up.

                        The witch,now being extra careful,navigated her way to get out of the jungle.She dodged the shurikens fired by the mech and took down the seeking missiles.Unfortunately,the mech was already ahead of her because of its ninja skills.

                        You got nowhere to run.This is your end.

                        “You haven’t seen most of my magic yet.Wanna see my grand magic trick?”

                        The Moon Witch summoned the Moon Phoenix that spews light bolts at the mech.Then,she created a mist and began attacking the mech continuously and dealing a final blow to it with a charge from the Moon Beast.

                        “Its about to be dawn now.Gotta give this to Luna”,the witch got on the phoenix and flew to the Monkey City.

                        You win this time,witch.

                        Meanwhile,at the Monkey City.

                        Luna woke up from her sleep and saw the blueprints and a letter.She rode it and its from the Moon Witch and she said that she managed to steal the blueprints.She hurriedly went to Jake’s workshop with excitement.But she didn’t noticed that Leo was watching her as he was walking his way to the Port.

                        “She might don’t want her secret to be revealed.But since I saw it,I better keep it to myself for now”,he thought.

                        Luna had reached Jake’s workshop and asked him to improve her plane by adding the blueprints.”This…this is the blueprints of the Ground Zero.How….did you even get it?”,asked Jake.Luna replied that the Moon Witch stole the blueprints.

                        At the cave.

                        “So,the blueprints have been taken huh?Well,it doesn’t matter.I got something better.Something that make the Bloon Army capable of fighting the monkeys without the high risk of being popped.Yellow Bloon,give me those blueprints.Let’s build robots”,said the High Energy Bloon.

                        Meanwhile,at the Bloon Base.

                        “Alert!A Dart Storm plane is approaching.Bloons,arm up and prepare those anti-air turrets.”,said the Red Bloon.The Bloons armed themselves and the turrets were ready.But they didn’t know that they were facing a very different kind of plane.”This feels odd,why is it visible on our radar?”,the Bloon wondered.

                        The plane started popping the Bloons,then it began flying upwards.Inside the plane,Luna was talking to the leader awaiting orders.

                        “Now,Luna.Deploy the bomb”.

                        The bottom of the plane opened.The bomb was ready.With a push of a button,the bomb was deployed.Then,the Red Bloon noticed that the plane was invisible on radar.

                        “What’s with the panicking,guys?!”,asked the Red Bloon.It looked up above the sky and saw a bomb falling.”Huh.Ground Zero.Looks like they did it.”

                        The bomb exploded,destroying the radar base.”Congratulations Luna,you have destroyed the radar base.Now hurry up so we can do some repairs to the plane of yours.”,said the leader of the Ace Fleet.Luna was proud of her plane.She was the first pilot of the plane that deployed the bomb that destroyed the communications tower.With the new communications tower under construction,this will change the tide of the battlefield.

                        Meanwhile at the cave,

                        “Finally,its ready.Red,Pink,Green.Get in your assigned robots.”,said the High Energy Bloon.The three had entered the robots and activated it.”From now on,you three will be the pilots of the Warbots.The Soldier,the Shielder,and the Jungler.May you bring glory to the Bloon Army”,said the High Energy Bloon.

                        Story has ended.Suggest please.

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                          thanks for that information guys