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Fan Creations Sticky - Read Before You Post

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  • Fan Creations Sticky - Read Before You Post

    Welcome to the Fan Creations Forum. This is a forum where you can post things that you've created, whether it be:

    1. Fan Fictions
    2. Fan Arts
    3. Fan-made Games
    4. Forum Skins

    ect ect ect...

    They don't have to pertain to Ninjakiwi BUT they are not allowed to be game suggestions. Game suggestions stay in their respective suggestions threads, including their artworks. IE, if you have a suggestion for something in an nk game, and have artwork to accompany it, it should stay in the game's respective forum suggestion thread/sub-forum..

    Remember that this is a PG-13 forum, which means no inappropriate works. No plagiarism (we will punish you severely for this). Credit people for attributed works. They work hard to bring us good content, so you should be thanking them too.

    1. Fan Fictions
    Each post has a 50,000 character limit, so unless you have a very long fanfiction, try to keep it in 1 post. Additionally, if you need extra space, PM a moderator and we'll clear our your thread so that you can continue on. We recommend for very long fanfictions, you use nest-spoiler to reduce the size of the page.

    And while we don't like to interfere with quality, if it's obvious that you made a low effort submission, we will punish you for spam. This is a place where you're meant to show your stuff, and we want people to at least before they make their first post put effort into their work. Keep in mind that we'd like the quality to be high, so we will enforce the rules more strictly here especially in regards to spam and other relevant rules.

    2. Appropriate Content
    Pretty simple rules. No NSFW content. Overtly political and sentimental works are permitted, but be aware of the repercussions. While I don't have a standard of art, if it's clear that you're making low-effort work just to boost your post count or stroke your ego, then we will punish you. Not heavily enforced unless it's actually very clear you are. Do not test us on this.

    3. Necrobumping
    You are allowed to necrobump here, but only if you are making an addition or a correction to your fanfic or art gallery. Otherwise if you're just necrobumping for attention, then we will consider it spam. Don't just add a few sentences and call it an update. We'd ideally like some significant development per update you post. Other people have works they want to show as well, so keep this mind as we want to give everyone a chance to be seen and heard. We will keep an eye out on enforcing this one.

    4. Everything Related Goes in One Thread
    Don't make a new thread for everything you make. If they are related media, then they belong in the same thread. We do this so that people have opportunities to make an impression. Example of proper times and not to make a new thread:
    1. All visual work by the same author (images, wallpapers, anything that involves a picture) belong in 1 thread.
    2. You are allowed to make a new thread per fan-fiction you make as long as they are not related. Don't make new posts for every chapter unless you have no more space in that post. If you need to continue but there are posts in between, call a mod to have them clear the thread.
    3. Otherwise, use your best judgement.

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