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Renno's Story {a short fanfic}

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  • Renno's Story {a short fanfic}

    his adventures weren't as famous until this.

    his name was renno, and his homeplace is tirano village. he is in the orginazation of covert ops battles response forces, ranked as an agent. he is in the floral team,
    which at the time was allies with the monkey team.

    one day, the volcano to the south had randomly super-erupted, it would've wiped out just everyone unprotected. renno had been hiding in the bunker just a few time
    after he saw an huge rock come out of the volcanic mountain. but he wasn't alone, he had been with an exact few others, imanro, liam, and matthew, they got along
    with each other really well. some of the sand team was going to send a lot of lead forces but most just got popped by the volcanic rocks falling from the sky.
    explosions were everywhere.

    "you know? this might be the end of the floral team," renno stated, "it would be sad to see the hometowns of us destroyed.". "I would exactly agree" Liam replied, while
    sitting on the unloaded catapult that he carried around for defense against bloons. "same" Imanro also replied.

    the clanking had stopped, renno checked the outside, the eruption had stopped. Renno said to this "It is strange for a eruption to come at a sudden halt", Matthew had
    replied to this "It is a good thing that it stopped, although many had died from the rocks that had crushed them."

    Renno had came out of the bunker, but on the first few steps, he had tripped and almost triggered a landmine. he tried to get up and accidentally triggered the
    landmine while he was getting up. Renno had tried to get away from the landmine at stat but almost escaped the radius, he wasn't killed from the explosion, just
    experienced a little fire, he had quickly extinguished the fire and looked at the explosion that was caused by the landmine, he had noticed a hurt ice monkey.

    he had rushed to the ice monkey, and picked him up. "hang on, I'll try to get you somewhere safe" Renno had quickly stated, he did not know any help in the floral
    team but he did know of alot in the monkey team. Renno had ran north, not looking around him, just straight in front of him, he did notice clanging from behind, he
    looked back and found a group of technological terrors from the rouge team. however he was not prepared for this situation and got knocked over, resulting in the ice
    monkey being dropped, gravity had dragged them both on the ground. Using a limited part of it's energy, the ice monkey had tried to freeze the technological terrors
    but it was no use, the temperature of the plasma had resisted the ice. despite the little chances, Renno had broken the terrors and proceeded.

    Renno had continued running forward but when he had came to the plains, exiting the jungle, which meant that he had came to the monkey team's land. but the sand
    team and the rouge team saw an oppurtunity and rushed all ace and heli forces to the southernmost tile in the monkey team's land, knowing that Renno had no
    protection against the air. he and the ice monkey had tried to dodge the darts, most were dodged but some had hit a limb, despite the many injuries, Renno continued
    forward. the running continues, one ace had found one spare pineapple and dropped it in front of the two. using the last of it's energy, the ice monkey had froze itself,
    while Renno had no absoloute protection, it was the end for him.

    Many in the monkey and floral team had mourned his loss, and he was everywhere on the talk.
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    Where's that ice monkey now?
    Originally posted by Nucleus
    Am I really dead when I move and eat like a living being? I must be a zombie!

    Did you know the humming bird moth exists?
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    Sorry Hougetsu I love you too.


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      Is this renno?
      Blast 'em biters.


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        short but powerful?