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Some random BTD fanfic stories.

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  • Some random BTD fanfic stories.

    Okay,these stories might or might not happen before or after the stories in my tier 4 stories page.I will do stories about some real life events,or just stuff in my mind that I have been thinking for a couple of years.

    Also I'm giving a heads up.I WILL necro my 2 year old-ish post(tier 4 stories).If its wrong,I'm sorry I just wanna finish up the rest of the tier 4s but if its okay,then cool.

    Anyway,enjoy the story,if you want.Leave a like and/or a comment(or not)if you happen to like it and want me to continue either this one or that one if you know what I mean.With that being said,please read this story.The rest of the stories that I will make will be replies.

    Haunting Reapers:A BTD Halloween fanfic story.This story takes place after the events of the Spiked Mines story and the Ninja Saboteur and Glue Striker but before the Bloon Liquifier story.

    It was October 10th,most monkeys wouldn't dare themselves to fight starting that day till Halloween,neither their enemies,the Bloons.Some of them thought there's a mysterious entity haunting the lands of Monkey Lane,but others said that they prepare themselves for the annual battle at the haunted Skull Peak,which apparently does happen.While the Sharp Gang and the Explosive Armada prepare their troops by training and supplying munitions,the rest of the monkeys start decorating for Halloween.

    And of course,there was Alex and Alexander.Despite the fact they were excellent Masters of Air and Fire,they always cause mischievious actions by casting a spell on themselves to become little monkey children dressing up as wizards.

    "I bet they won't recognize this time",said Alexander in his child form."Of course it will.So far we have not been caught 'stealing' candy from them",replied Alex with a smile on her face.It was not even Halloween,they started asking the fellow monkeys for candy,until they reached their father's house,Ren."U-u-um,hello mister.C-c-can we please have some candy?",asked Alex."Pretty please??"."Of course you can,dear.But you forgot something",replied Ren."What is it?",asked Alexander.Suddenly,bones appeared from the ground and grabbed both the wizards' hands and feet."You do know that I can recognize you two by your attire right?",said Ren with an evil grin."Damn it",murmured the two.

    Meanwhile,at Sticky Sap Town,Daniel was busy pleading the mayor for something."Please,mayor.I need to go to Monkey City to visit my sister",he said."No means no,Daniel.Its October and you know we shouldn't go because of it",said the mayor.With a depressed face,the saboteur walked out of the town hall.As he was wandering around the town,he decided to go to the city despite the mayor's warning.

    He went outside the town's walls,and started going to the city via the path used by her sister when she was tasked to go to Sticky Sap Town to obtain the glue from the Sticky Sap Plant.Along his way,he saw a mysterious figure standing far away from.Suddenly a voice whispered.

    Remember my name.My name is Poppy.

    The voice left Daniel frozen for a while.Later,he continued his way towards the city.Suddenly,a group of Pinks and Whites appeared."Hey look.A monkey.Let's get him!!".The bloons started chasing the monkey.The chase had led them to a deep jungle.

    Although Daniel managed to lost the bloons,he was lost and could not find his way out."Well,guess this is gonna be one hell of a-",a sound of rocks falling can be heard from a distance.Daniel felt that he should go towards the sound.As he followed the sound,he found something.

    A cave.

    Daniel thought of going inside.There,he stumbled across something.An abandoned mech used by the bloons.As he appraoched the machine,the voice whispered to him again.

    Behind you.

    He turned his back.It was a floating cape with a scythe with two blades at both ends facing different directions.He could not see what was behind the cape and he asked it."Who are you?"

    Didn't I tell you to remember my name?My name is Poppy,and I am the Haunted Reaper.

    After Poppy said that,he sliced Daniel's chest and shoved him into the mech."What are you doing?!What's this for?!",he shouted.

    Consider it you fate.

    The reaper dissappeared.Daniel was left suffering inside the mech.

    *The sounds of a mech activated*


    To be continued.
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    When will you continue this?
    Originally posted by Nucleus
    Am I really dead when I move and eat like a living being? I must be a zombie!

    Did you know the humming bird moth exists?
    I love Bandana (Waddle) Dee too much.
    Sorry Hougetsu I love you too.


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      For this thread:4 days per week(this Saturday)

      For the tier 4 stories thread:3 days per week(now).

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        Thanks for letting us know about it.
        Originally posted by Nucleus
        Am I really dead when I move and eat like a living being? I must be a zombie!

        Did you know the humming bird moth exists?
        I love Bandana (Waddle) Dee too much.
        Sorry Hougetsu I love you too.


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          Err.....apparently I said about posting new stories on this thread was wrong.It was meant to be Friday,not Saturday.....however,due to certain reasons,I posted a new story today.So,enjoy.

          Haunting Reapers Part 2.


          "Dad,is Mom gonna be okay?",Chloe asked worryingly as she knew her mother was pregnant."Its okay,sweetie.She'll be fine",her father answered.Then,1 hour before midnight,it happened."Congratulations,its a boy!",said the doctor.They were relieved,especially Chloe.She was very eager to see her younger brother's face."What will be his name?",she asked.Her parents gave her a smile and said.

          "You name him."

          After those words were spoken,Chloe immediately called him Daniel because she really like that name.

          *The story.*

          "Happy birthday to dear Chloe!Happy birthday to you!".The guests of a birthday party sang the song to the Bloonjitsu and Glaive Lord,Chloe.She was happy that most of her friends managed to join in the party,but she felt something missing."Hey,Chloe.What's the matter?Is something bothering you?",Ren asked her."Oh,nothing",she said.Then,she walked from him.Ren thought of something.

          Something's not right.I gotta investigate.

          Meanwhile at the jungle,the High Energy Bloon(pilot of the Heavy Metal Blimp)was informed from the Pink scouts that they heard a sound coming from the cave deep inside the jungle.It went there all alone.When it reached there,the bloon noticed the mech.It was activated for some unknown reason.Suddenly.

          Who are you?What are you doing in this cave?

          The High Energy Bloon was quite surprised but impressed."Who are you and how do you activate yourself?,asked the bloon towards the mech.

          Warhawk.The name's Warhawk.I activate myself because this monkey corpse pushed the button that activates me.Now,I'm back,and I want revenge towards Poppy.He caused me to become like this.

          "Interesting.Can you do me a favor?",asked the bloon.


          Ren had found Chloe and he asked her."What's the problem?Just spit it out,it will be okay."She replied worryingly."Its just that my younger brother,Daniel,isn't here.I sent him an invite to my birthday party,but he didn't show up.I know this is the month where monkeys and bloons are forbidden to go outside their cities or towns,except scouts.I am worried.Where is he?"

          Suddenly,they heard a sound.It sounded like something has landed on the ground.They went there and there it was.The Warhawk.It began shooting rockets towards the two.The two monkeys evaded those attacks.Then,Chloe attacked the mech with her glaives while Ren summoned fiery tornadoes to burn the mech and knock it back.However,the mech didn't move an inch.Then,it prepared something.A katana.

          "No",said Chloe.

          Yes.Hello again,sister.

          "No!You can't be Daniel!"

          I'm afraid I am.Have a look.

          The mech opened itself,revealing Daniel's corpse.It was covered with blood and they could see the organs with some of them being sliced.

          Chloe,you shouldn't have give me that invite.I knew I will be punished for going outside my town's borders,but I didn't knew I would be killed by the Haunted Reaper itself.Its all your fault!And now,I'm gonna take you and bring you to the same jungle I died so that you too will be with me.

          "Never!",Chloe readied her Elemental Glaive and shurikens and attacked him.They fought hard until the moon was on top of them.Ren watched the fight."I....can't believe this.Her birthday is her brother's death.",he said to himself.

          Then it appeared again out of the shadows.Poppy.

          Well hello,Daniel.Good to see you.Now die for the second time.You too,sister of Daniel.

          To be continued.

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            Here goes!

            Haunting Reapers Part 3

            Poppy summoned undead Bloons to attack the mech.With the katana,he(because Daniel's spririt is in there and he 'possessed' the mech) sliced them and shot rockets towards the reaper.It used the undead Bloons as a shield to block the attacks.As the shield broke,Warhawk dashed towards it and gave it a powerful blow.

            You're strong,young one.But I will be stronger and bring you to Hell.October 31st,meet me at Skull Peak.I will see you there.

            The reaper vanished.Then,the mech went back towards the cave without saying a word to Chloe.

            "Chloe.....",Ren went closer to her as she was crying on the ground.

            OCTOBER 31ST

            The Sharp Gang and The Explosive Armada marched their way towards Skull Peak.Chloe and Ren with his children also came to witness not only the fight between the monkeys and the Bloons,but the fight between Warhawk and The Haunted Reaper.Warhawk joined the Bloons to fight the reaper as well as to kill his sister.

            The two forces reached Skull Peak.As they were preparing themselves for battle,Chloe secretly went to the Bloons' base to investigate.

            "This is bad.Really bad",she said as she saw the Heavy Metal Bloon and The Calamari Blimp and the Titanium Bloon.Then,he appeared.

            What are you doing,sister?

            The mech throwed a smoke bomb and punched her with full force.The Bloons noticed it and The Heavy Metal Bloon ordered the Ceramics to go to the site.There,they found her and captured her.Escorted by the Ceramics,she went to the base.

            "Well,well,well.What do we have here.",said the High Energy Bloon,pilot of the Heavy Metal Bloon."You know,I did asked your brother a little favor.And that is to take you to face me so that I can see him executing you in front of my eyes(don't ask)."

            "You'll never get me!".Chloe took down the bloons and escapes to the monkey's base."Dammit!Get her!!",cried the Bloon.Pinks,Yellows and Camo Zebras chased her as she was going to the monkey's base.When she arrived,the base was empty.She then knew that the two forces were going to the battlefield.

            "PREPARE YOUR SHELLS,MORTAR SQUAD!",cried General Chuck.

            "Ready yourselves,Bloons",said the Heavy Metal Blimp.

            Minutes later,the sound of horn had been blew.The battle of Skull Peak has begun.The sounds of pops from the Bloons and explosions can be heard.As Chloe battled against the Bloons,the Warhawk appeared,this time he was armed."Let's duel",said the mech."I can't fight him.He's my little brother.I....just can't!But I cannot disobey the Ninja Code",she thought.So Chloe accepted the duel with honor and sadness in her heart.The duel was deadly but silent,not even a single monkey or Bloon can hear it.As the battle continued,Chloe threw Fiery Glaives and shurikens towards the mech.It caused severe damage.Just when the Warhawk thought this will be his end,Poppy appeared and knocked Chloe back.

            Well,now.You appeared.Just like I promised.You sister also appeared too?Brilliant.This will make this more interesting.Now die by your very own hands!!

            Poppy created rocky figures of both Chloe and the Warhawk and it casted a spell on them.Then,the two figures act like their original counterparts.

            You think just these two will fight you?Don't forget me.

            The Ninja Figure(Rocky version of Chloe)and the reaper attacked Chloe.Both the ninja and the live figure show similar strength,until Poppy raised the dead to swarm the ninja and the mech.The two were surrounded.

            " you remember when we got surrounded by Whites and Blacks when we were training as kids?",asked Chloe to the Warhawk.The mech nodded."Well,this will be our final time together...See you on the other side".The two used their knowledge and strength to take down the undead and the figures.Finally,they were eliminated.Then,they decided to battle the reaper.The reaper fought back and brutally hit Chloe with its scythe.

            Chloe.....DON'T YOU DARE HURT MY SISTER!

            The mech dashed towards the reaper and tackled it.With the reaper being stunned,the Warhawk fought back.The reaper was defeated,then it disappeared.

            It was nearly dawn.As the Chloe and the Warhawk went to their own ways,Chloe heard something.

            "Happy Birthday,sister".

            She shed a tear of joy.Then,she went back to Monkey City and said back to the voice.

            Thank you,Daniel.

            Story has ended.Deal with it.Now here's the topic for the next story.The topic's in brackets.

            (Battles)A fanfic of BTD Battles.

            Anyways,thank you for reading the three parts of my first story of this post/thread or whatever you call it :P

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              Reading time.


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                good job dude !!!!