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  • The Great Light

    In the midst of the darkness, a light sparks and ignites into an aspiring flame.

    The Light of Beginnings.

    The light burns a warm, pleasurable orange color. It's only a small light, but it is beautiful.

    Then, more lights pierce through the darkness. The second, the Light of Hope, burns even more brightly and warmly than the first. A third light, the Light of Advancement, is even bigger and brighter than the second. All emit the same warm, pleasurable feelings.
    the pleasurable feeling of fun
    The lights are tended by creatures in the shadows. They move swiftly and silently through the darkness, with nothing more than a brief, nearly inaudible "click" sound with every step. They ensure that the lights continue to burn; for when the lights die out, so do they.
    creatures of wing, yet not of flight
    Suddenly, a fourth light bursts into existence. It shines vastly larger and brighter than the previous three. Yet it still releases feelings of warmth and comfort. It is the Light of Splendor.

    Many believed that this was the greatest light that would ever exist. Yet even a fifth light starts, and it grows to a staggering size.

    Infinitely many times more luminous and massive, it puts the other four lights to shame. It is the greatest, most beautiful light that the creatures had ever created. It becomes known as The Great Light.

    The Great Light radiates with such energy and power that it gives birth to new lights. One, the Light of Victory, does not burn with the same warmth and pleasure that the previous five did. Instead the light dances with a rowdy energy, one that fills the soul with determination and endurance. Another light, the Light of Prosperity, burns steadily and smoothly, expanding at a slow but confident pace.
    victory=war prosperity=settlement
    The combined greatness of the lights are spectacular to behold, and they shine intensely for a long time, seemingly forever.

    six years

    But then...

    The lights begin to diminish. The creatures of the darkness slowly exhaust their fuel supplies and they cannot keep the lights burning forever. The first light dwindles into nothingness. Then the second. And the third. Even the fourth light experiences the same fate--abandonment, neglect, an extended malnutrition until the lights die and are forgotten forever.

    The Light of Prosperity begins to shrink. It has not died yet, but it is well on its way.

    The Light of Victory, however, is much different. The creatures of darkness feed the light corrupted fuel that turns it into a chaotic, unstable flame ready to explode at any moment. No longer is its name the Light of Victory. It is the Light of Destruction.

    Even in the midst of these lights' deaths, it's unthinkable to imagine The Great Light ebbing away as well.

    It is.

    The Great Light begins to shrink. Then more. And even more. The Great Light is no longer the spectacular beauty that it once was, and it will never regain its former glory ever again. Even the greatest of lights to ever shine is being neglected by the creatures of darkness, and it is nearing its death.

    One day, all of the lights and the creatures of darkness will perish. As much as the creatures try to postpone their oblivion, they know it is a doomed cause. They continue to feed the Light of Destruction, since it is the easiest to nourish, but soon enough it will die in a violent explosion. There will come a day when every last light will be extinguished, and there will be nothing but eternal darkness.

    And so I must ask you one favor: remember. Remember the Light of Beginning and how it paved the way for the other lights to be kindled. Remember the Light of Victory and the Light of Prosperity in their most prominent state. But most importantly, remember the immortal legacy of The Great Light. Keep the light, and its memory, alive for as long as possible. Firmly grasp the memory of its might and wonder and hold onto it until the end. Remember. Remember...remember...remember...

    The creatures decide to create yet another light. It is their last hope. If they fail, they are surely doomed.

    The Light of Desperation.

    They don't know what the magnitude of the Light of Desperation will be. In fact, they don't even know what the light will look like once it is started. All they know is that they must light the flame, and they must light it quickly, or else they have no chance of staying alive.

    they tell us nothing

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    With one powerful blast of heat, the Light of Desperation roars into being.

    It’s anyone’s guess how long it will last.
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      The very last fuel source for The Great Light has now been exhausted. There is no remaining hope for The Great Light except to hang on as long as possible until its inevitable death.
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        What’s this? A new light has come into being? An unprecedented development, to be sure.

        What is it, anyway? The light is so much different from the rest. It seems completely uncharacteristic from any of the other lights the creatures have ever created. In fact...did they even create it themselves?


        They must have received help from another outside source. Another entity which forced its concepts clumsily into the light of the creatures and brought about a result not unlike the result of an unwieldy number of cooks working on the same pot of soup.

        For this, it shall be dubbed the Light of Amalgamation.
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          can some one explane this simpel to me i'm iranian i can't speak english good


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            good job dude !!!!!!!


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              You really did a great job !!!