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Bloons Doom on Bloons TD (Sonic Boom Parody, Not available in all countries)

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  • Bloons Doom on Bloons TD (Sonic Boom Parody, Not available in all countries)

    Because who wants French jokes from an originally Japanese company, ya Day old Baguettes.

    Bloons Doom is a parody of Sonic Boom entirely. Taking place on the turf known as Bloon Island, they must build a boat to get back on Monkey Island.

    We'll be using this font until next month's comics
    No. I cannot make art, and EVERY character (Except Super the Monkey) has an unknown gender to my standards, as each monkey is said as "Its" or no specification at all. Or you can customize them to your likings. I don't care. I mean, there are too many NPCs to name off, and too many side characters to name, you know. You can say what character is what gender, and what character likes who, and who hates who, a Free for All on this parody.

    Left is Original, Right is Parody
    Sonic The Hedgehog: Super Monkey (0-0), aka Super the Monkey
    Miles "Tails" Prower: Monkey Engineer (x-3), aka Engi Sent Ree
    Knuckles The Echidna: Dartling Gun (2-1), aka Sharp the Needle
    Amy Rose: Dart Monkey (1-1), aka Eye Dart
    Sticks The Badger: Boomerang Thrower (2-1), aka Boomer the Bomb

    Episode I: The Sharp

    A sentry mass destruction got Engi on vacation, and Super needs a new sidekick. Who makes it, and who does not? Will Engi reclaim his spot as sidekick?

    The episode starts with our villain, Dr. BFB, heir to the Dr. ZOMG, cornering Super, with BFB's new mech, the Fire-o-Yawn. Engi's sentries are scattered out, but explode when Engi carries one of its buildings to a new area. He gets knocked out COLD, and 7 hours later, Engi wakes up. Super tells Engi that's Engi's on vacation, and that Engi can spend time away, not to be harmed. Super, at night, makes posters for a new sidekick. The next day, he gets the participants, Sharp is up first, and asks Super to be Sharp's sidekick. But he's written on the paper for acceptable sidekicks. After some participants, Eye Dart appears. Eye is a great impersonator, and can do dart trick shots. Eye is nowhere to be seen for the rest of the episode. Some more participants pass, and now there is The Hard-Hat. Hard Hat says he has skills in dexterity, and mechs, but a trip reveals Engi. Sonic realized his mistake, and rehires him as sidekick, and hires Sharp and Eye as well. Their new adventures begin.
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    Tbh I thought that this was gonna be a Doom hack, then I read the rest of the title..

    It's still really great!
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      It's still really great!


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        I wonder if you plan to include inside bloon jokes.
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