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How did you first get into NK?

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    Coolmath introduced me to Bloons Tower Defense, which led to me discovering the rest of Ninja Kiwi.


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      I found BloonsTD5 on Kongregate. I got addicted to it for a few weeks and someone told me there was multiplayer on the Ninja Kiwi version. So I signed up for NInja Kiwi, reached rank 10 and played multiplayer. That was on my old account years ago.
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        So, my story starts… somewhere. In the 2000's and 2010's decades (2009-2012) (Imperfect)

        I played BTD3 on CoolMath, beat Easy (Like the scrub I was). I didn't know what else there was, and there was the two other BTD games.
        My first experience on BTD5 was on some site. I called the Ninja Monkey "Spy" and the Sniper Monkey something else. I lost on R30-R35
        I got BTD5 Mobile in 2015-2016. I have a streak of nearly 500 Days, consecutively so far.
        I got into BTDB Mobile in 2015 or something, my inspiration was ISAB. I played, and in 2015, or 2016, I got Club.
        In late 2016, I got an NK Account (SpeedDeoxys05, my NK Gaming Account, and Speedy05, my Forums Account). Before that, I played BTD5 Flash on Koki or something (Not Kongreate).
        My inspiration to go to the forums was the Daily Challenges, and here I am on the forums, for games and strategy.
        2017 was the expansion to console. We got BTD5 Console (Xbox One Edition), and I am Rank 53 on there, with all 4th Tiers and Double Cash Unlocked
        And here I am with my brother who plays Battles Mobile quite some. And me, an active forum user, and a Bloons fan
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