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How did you first get into NK?

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  • How did you first get into NK?

    I first got in from Cool Math Games (that games site little kids played at school), playing BTD3 in April 2014. Then the Cool Math put a note saying that "I cannot get BTD4 and 5" and then I discovered the rest of NK.
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    I signed up to play SAS 3: Zombie Assault Closed Beta, and from there joined the forums when the community was still very small. After that, I've had nothing but good times on this site since then. Started out with SAS 1, way back when it was first released, and I stayed to see every newer iteration to date.
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      I think I discovered it through Mochigames.


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        Originally I had found BTD3 on Addictinggames way back when, Earlier than 2009 (Although I don't recall the exact year). It wasn't until about 3-4 years later that I ended up registering to this site. Like with many users, I had an account through Mochigames rather than a direct NK account.

        Although that was how I found NK, I still remember playing and creating levels for Bloons World way back when. (Bonus points for any who remember.)
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          Played BTD4 on other site, found this. Got to the old archive forums because I wanted to put a Tower suggestion for BTD5.

          Then I did stuff here and there, becoming a Ninja Master before slowly descending into my own RPG thread.
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            I started off playing BTD3. Then I discovered there was a BTD4. I played it, I enjoyed it, and I then discovered BTD5 from an ad on the page. My username was inspired by the fact that I had a Mochigames account for BTD4.
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              Well, I saw my brother playing BTD4 when I was 10 or something, and then I maliciously broke COPPA and got an NK account to play BTD5 a year later.
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              I was playing the original bloons game, where you were the dart monkey and had to bounce is off the rubber tiles, and it scaled from there


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                Played sas2 one day and saw an ad for SAS3. Clicked it. Rest is history.


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                  I'm too old to remember that long ago. Been playing Bloons since before it was a TD game.


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                    I was looking for BTD5 one day and discovered this site. Then I discovered the forums back in possibly 2011. I wondered why I couldn't access them, so I just threw them under me. Three years later, I visited the forums again and I figured out I needed to make a separate account. Cue the start of "Mk".
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                      Found BTD4 through MochiGames I think. Then when I found bloons later, I stuck with NK ever since.
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                        Back in 6th grade of Middle School I discovered this site called "Cool Math Games", then later I played BTD1 on that site, and that's how I found out NK existed,as that game was made by them.
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                          I saw people playing BTD3 and saw 4 locked tracks that could be unlocked by playing on the site, and that's how I knew NK existed.
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                            I kinda forgot how I got into Mochigames in the first place, though.
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