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  • Flur

    I like it.

    I like the fact you are thrown into the game without tutorial or instructions and have to figure out what is going on and what to do- games often have a tendency to overdo tutorials and there is some fun figuring stuff out on your own.

    Music is very chilled and dreamy. I guess it is just a piece written for the game? Is there a title for the piece and who wrote it? Is an MP3 available?

    One thing that would make the game better is a way of finding out what constellations are called what, so when you are trying for achievements to free certain constellations you know what to look for.

    An idea to add depth to the game would be to add the concept of currency- for example the green orbs could be used to buy stuff. For example you could spend green orbs to buy powerups, or to even find out the names of the groups of orbs.

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    i like it too


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