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Bloons TD Fangame comes out tomorrow

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  • Bloons TD Fangame comes out tomorrow

    Bloons TDX, the fangame that I have been working on is out now. Here are some things you can look forward to:

    - 20 Towers, each with 3 upgrade paths.
    - 8 Tracks with multiple play modes.
    - 6 Unique Special Missions.
    - Tons of New Bloon Types.
    - And 200+ Achievements to unlock.

    Below is a trailer for the game, other gameplay videos can also be found on my channel.

    As of now it is for windows only, although I am working on other platforms. Hopefully you guys enjoy the game!

    Here's a link to the download page:
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    This is my first time seeing this game and it looks awesome! Would it be okay if I made an interactive game thread of this game?


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      Hey it's tomorrow now... Is it out yet? :P Also does it require opengl 2.0?
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        Making an interactive game thread is fine, that sounds cool. Also I'd give it several more hours before launch. I'll let you know when its ready.

        Edit: Okay its ready now
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          Hey, your ideas are very good, as well that could merge with the original BTD5, it would give many more "achievements" and "challenges" for sure.


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            This looks like it might be better than BTD5. Still could improve on graphics (The graphics are passable but could be improved)

            Edit: I only played for a few minutes and yet I already fell in love with it more than the BTD5 Mobile version. What program did you make it on?
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              He shows it's Game Maker Studio.


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                huh nice work. Seems like it could still use rbe, also it would be nice to be able to see tower range before they are placed instead of afterward.
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                  What program language did you use? (I do javascript)


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                    your ideas are awsome , does it require openGL 2 ?
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