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Fortress Destroyer: Achievements, Bugs/Glitches, and other things.

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  • Fortress Destroyer: Achievements, Bugs/Glitches, and other things.

    This is more for new players who recently have been involved in NK games.


    Corvette, destroyer and battlecruiser Commander.
    The best missions to get more exp are: Tokyo (Once that you unlocked) and hot spots like ambush (Galapagos islands) and hold the line (Bering strait) if there are available.

    Gatling guru, autocannon automaton, Cannon crafter, missile master, beam blaster, Fire power, poison pill and rammer jammer.
    Galapagos Islands hot spot clear plasticyte is the best mission to do this. Especially if you use a high level destroyer ship with explosive munitions you will do more damage because the plasticyte has more hp with high level ships. You can add modules like acidic coating, flash powder, Isopolymer payload, redpho rounds, thermite rounds or fluorine payload to do corrosive/ thermally damage as well. And for the rammer jammer you can just ram the plasticyte and deal a lot of damage (using a corvette to be more effective).

    Points controlled
    Most of the control points powers doesn’t do THAT much of damage so the best way that I know (at least that there is a better way) is having the corrosive ram power and ram plasticyte with it. Again in Galapagos islands (clear plasticyte) is the best place to do it especially with a corvette ship and overdrive, ram charge ability. You also have to unequipped weapons so it doesn’t attack the plasticyte. The only problem is that is random the power that you get in control points so you will have to play and quit several times to get it.
    Bering strait and Falklands are also good to do this because are easy to get control points powers and plasticyte to ram.

    Fleet builder
    No tricks or easy ways to do this other than have luck to get all the blueprints and unlocked until the last dock.

    The best missions to do this are tokyo and Galapagos islands (clear plasticyte) if it is available. How that hot spot is just available around 19 – 20 min, you should quit and don’t win your missions (at least that you really need materials at the beginning of the game) so in that way you can play that mission more times.

    Vanguard victor, hive harasser, nexus nixer, kraken kracker, black prince buster.
    The fastest way that I learned was playing Bermuda mission this way:

    To do this even faster you should use low level ships because is going to be more easy and quick and then just quit immediately after killing the boss so you can skip the keep/selling blueprint if you are using a low level ship otherwise you should stay and see if you get a good blueprint.

    NOTE: for some reason once that you unlocked tokyo and win, kraken will be the boss that you most will encounter. At least that is the case with me because currently I have more encounters with kraken that any other boss.

    Falklands (destroy factories) is the best mission to do this but how is a hot spot is not available all the time. Auckland has the most shipyards and air bases.

    Heavy hitter
    The best way to do it is having a disintegrator tower, mega pulse or a powerful canon, use a battlecruiser ship and heavy damage ability and hope for a crit shot.

    More than tricks and fast ways, what you really need is luck obtaining good blueprints and patience to do these tedious achievements.


    Tower/bridge duplication
    This is literally the best glitch in the game that will help you to get really good towers.
    1. First you need a tower tier 4 or less build and have the blueprint of the same tower tier 5. Then put the tower on any ship and keep it selected.
    2. Then select the option upgrade tower on the right and select build new.
    3. The option upgrade tower on the other tower still will be there, selected and again select build new.
    4. Then you will have 2 of the same tower and the best part is that you can keep do it how many times you want.

    You can do this once as long you have select the lower tower and also the materials to do it so if you don’t have enough you should keep the blueprint until you have enough. This also works with bridges but not with modules unfortunely.

    Glitch/Freeze leviathan boss
    Sometimes this boss will be glitch/freeze in a place and it will not attack you, follow you or literally do anything. Also this boss would be invulnerable to beam tower and your shots would pass him like air.

    Only when you ram him once it will be damage by beam tower again but is still freeze.

    This also happens with normal enemies too.

    Scavengers glitch
    If you have this on any ship that is in your fleet squadron it will not disappear and it will stay in one place attacking any enemy that is in range, once that destroy the enemy it will go back where it was .
    Also you can have an army of these guys by destroy plasticyte, sunken ships or even storage buildings. Even know that in the description says “25% chance on kills to summon a drone for 12 seconds” (tier 1).

    I believe that kill shield module also works like that.

    Out of bounds
    Using the ram charge and overdrive ability you can go out of bounds in Auckland, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo and San Francisco clipping through in certain places. (The first image is where you can go out of bounds)

    Hong Kong



    San Francisco

    You can even past through metal gates.

    None of these bugs/glitches will be fixed since this game was abandoned long time ago.

    Other things

    .Sunken ships and storage buildings will count as plasticyte in the achievement

    .Scavengers damage will count as control point power. Also when they disappear sometimes will drop boost items.

    .If you active the gravity well ability and don’t click anything and wait to recharge it will active again and do damage how many times you activeded, but it will lag the game for a short time and also is completely useless.

    .Have you ever wondered why the missions have the shape of a rhombus?

    Of course you don’t, why you ever going to question something like that? But just in case that you actually did, is because the levels are in that shape. When I went out of bounds I realize that you can’t go any farther than that. The ship will not go any farther and you can’t even select past that shape in any direction that you go. Even the main menu is in that shape.

    .Someone at NK left this little part without collision detection.

    .You can get more regards on fleet missions with ships that have more hit points, speed and towers that have the highest DPM and rarity (doesn’t matter what tier is). So check in your collections the towers that have high DPM depending of what you have. Sea beast for medium, typhoon mini for small.
    For bridges is Navigator Bridge (corvette), Castle Bridge (battlecruiser), Viper Bridge (destroyer). In this count what tier is.
    Also adding reinforced mount modules increases the regards that you get.

    .Most likely the last mission that NK didn’t add could be London on the tower bridge where you will counter with the final boss and leader of blackwater.

    .AND the most useless thing of all. If you press “T” in the main area it will make the option bar, achievements and leadboard icons smaller, and that is all what it does.

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    Auckland is pretty good for Luddite, but Seoul is probably better as there are 5 and you can destroy them faster.


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      Kraken v2 counts 3 towards the achievement.
      : 48920 AP (Rank 55), Super Ultimate Grand Master


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        Phantom (Black Prince with green number) also counts 3 each kill.

        Also, Buckshot 12 with Shock Spike is ridiculously OP.

        Awesomefaceninja7 - Ninjakiwi member since March 2013


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          The practical way of getting the achievements is just not to worry about them. Less efficient, but at least you don't have to play missions you don't want to.
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