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Houses - Dec 4, 2016

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  • Houses - Dec 4, 2016

    Rounds 35 - 65 on Bloon Circles Medium with 1 of each: Boomerang Thrower, Glue Gunner, Super Monkey, and Monkey Apprentice. By lla26
    Starting Cash: 5000

    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by lla26
    Bloon Circles Medium from rounds 35-65. Only 1 of each.

    Starting Cash: $5000
    Starting Lives: 150
    Start Round: 35
    End Round: 65
    Max No. of Towers: N/A
    Max Per Class: 1
    Difficulty/Mode: Medium
    Track: Bloon Circles
    Available Towers/Upgrades: Boomerang Thrower (4/4), Glue Gunner (4/4), Super Monkey (4/4), Monkey Apprentice (4/4)
    Available Agents: All allowed, none provided
    Bloon Ranks: All normal
    Reward: 75 MM

    Tested. Requires tons of selling. Gets easier with 3/2 glue, then hard again, then easier with 2/3 super, then 63-65 requires 3/x super (65 also requires repositioning).

    Theme is Harry Potter houses (R, S, G, and H...go figure out.)
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    Originally posted by Trump Monkey
    Look at what you've done NK! You may say that Flash is dying, but I assure you that it won't actually die. You're just cutting slack on these games, and I seek the need to change that.

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    134th DC. It's based off the houses of Hogwarts, and it's yet another hotkey-themed DC.

    And image I promise to Gamzdude and sniper:
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      Fun Challenge, NAPS albeit sloppy, too easy for 150MM though, should've been either 80-85MM. Maybe Aaron forgot to change the reward?

      Got nervous and was going for another TC at end, but it was not needed

      RCD: 5.75/10 (Needs some selling and ability timing, camos can be tricky, other wise not too hard. Not a 150MM DC, but 80-85MM DC.)
      Difficulty: 7/10
      Enjoyablity: 7/10 (Good theme, and enjoyed this one, as you needed some thinking and some switching of towers for later rounds)
      Overall: 7/10 (Good) (B)
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        NAPSFRIS, most lives lost to camos on 42 + 59

        2/3 Boomer
        2/0 Apprentice to 2/1
        37 - 1/0 Glue (strong), Apprentice to 2/2. Set app to strong camos then toggled to first near end - had small leaks
        39 - App to 2/3 as soon as you get $4200
        40 - Glue to 2/1, app starts on strong then toggled to first after breaking ceramic layers
        42 - Apprentice starts on Strong then toggled to First when bloons start to leak from the circle - had some leaks
        43 - Boomer to 2/4, turbocharge ceramics
        45 - 0/0 Super monkey
        46 - Glue to 2/2. Turbo MOAB, start 47 ASAP
        47 - Had a few camo leaks
        48 - Super to 1/0 (strong)
        49 - Turbo ceramics, Super to 2/0 (First) when you get $5000
        50 - Super to 2/1, turbo ceramics before 1st MOAB
        51 - Super to 2/2
        52 - Turbo
        53 - Glue to 2/3 (First)
        54 - App to 2/4, phoenix + turbo on MOABs
        57 - Phoenix first 2 MOABs, Turbo 2nd pair
        59 - Phoenix when camo leads appear, still had some leaks. App was on First, might do better with a different targeting..
        60 - Turbo BFB
        62 - Glue to 2/4. Turn off fast forward for the camo regens - Phoenix right as they appear, then use glue striker on any regens that get away from the apprentice.
        63 - Glue set to Strong
        64 - Turbo + Phoenix
        65 - Phoenix MOABs, turbo when only BFBs are left , glue striker used when Super breaks the last MOABs


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          Got NAPSFRIS using incogneato's guide, except I had a free SM to spare, so I was able to get Phoenix and Robo Plasma a little earlier.
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            Difficulty: 5/10
            Enjoyability: 7/10
            Originality: 8/10
            Total: 6.9/10
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              NAPSFRIS. 59 lives left
              Difficulty: 6.5/10 - Not as hard as I thought it would be, camo rounds like 62 are quite tough though.
              Fun; 7/10 - I liked this challenge, quite enjoyable
              Total:13.5/20 - Great

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              Driven: Yes

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                NAPS, 71 lives left. Great challenge.

                after I got Robo I had glaive lord and 2/3 glue. For 64 and 65 I used 2/4 super.

                difficulty: 6/10
                Enjoyability: 8/10
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                  Why am I finding this DC to be luck based?
                  Ok... I did again, with the help of a BDD, to help negate that luck. At least I didn't have to use premiums this time.

                  RCD: 6.5/10
                  Difficulty: 4.3/10
                  Enjoyability: 5.8/10
                  Final Verdict: 7.2/10
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                  Originally posted by Trump Monkey
                  Look at what you've done NK! You may say that Flash is dying, but I assure you that it won't actually die. You're just cutting slack on these games, and I seek the need to change that.


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                    Originally posted by Junior Monkey View Post
                    Why am I finding this DC to be luck based?
                    Clumsy phoenixes not shooting leaks.
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                      Boomerang 2/3 (strong)
                      Apprentice 2/0->2/3
                      Glue gunner 2/1 (strong)
                      Apprentice to 2/4
                      Super monkey 0/0
                      Boomerang to 2/4
                      Super monkey to 2/0->2/2
                      Glue gunner to 2/2
                      Super monkey to 2/3
                      Glue gunner to 2/3
                      Before round 62 sell a boomerang
                      Boomerang 4/0
                      Use summon phoenix ability in rounds: 43 (on ceramics), 46, 49 (on regens), 54 (on MOABs), 59 (on camos), 62 (on regens), 64, 65 (on BFBs)
                      Use turbo charge ability in rounds: 49 (on ceramics), 52 (on MOABs), 54 (on MOABs), 60