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The Sub-Stand - June 19, 2018

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  • The Sub-Stand - June 19, 2018

    Archipelago, Hard.
    $30,000 Starting Cash.

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    Yeah...this one's a no-go for me. Was it tested, even a little bit?

    Strike that. Once you get past 65 it's manageable. ... with sub specialty. And lots and lots of 2/3 subs.
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      With $25k it was impossible. After the change I've gotten into the 80's using sub spec. Spam 2/2 subs plus well placed 4/0 submerged subs for the masses of bloons.


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        Originally posted by CO Steve View Post
        With $25k it was impossible. After the change I've gotten into the 80's using sub spec. Spam 2/2 subs plus well placed 4/0 submerged subs for the masses of bloons.
        How many 4/0s did you have? I had 4 x 4/2s (on the basis that I can pop them up and get some firepower out of them when there's nothing in range) and everything else was 2/2s, with sub special. Can't get past round 77.


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          I get killed on 77 often. Made it to 82 once. I had about 6-7 4/0s. Have a few at the beginning to kill non-moabs so they don't get in the way. Rest near the end after the moabs break. I don't have an answer yet that gets you all the way to 85. This one is tough.


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            NAPSFRILLS, sub spam is the way to go - one 2/0 dart for early range / camo detection.

            Took a while to find the right balance of subs, though. Had 2x 4/0 subs until round 78. Then 2 more during round 79. Otherwise just pure 2/2 + later 2/3 sub spam.

            Numberwise, i had 11~ 2/2 subs by round 64, 14~ 2/3 subs by 77, then just keep building more.


            2/0 dart monkey for sub range + camo
            4/0 sub (submerged) - near three middle islands
            2/0 sub (top U-Bend)
            8x 2/2 subs - mostly near exit, just make sure you cover the entire track.

            61 - 2/0 sub to 4/0 (submerged), one sub to 2/3
            62 through 64 - keep building 2/2 subs, had 11 by round 64
            65 through 69 - 2 more 2/2 subs
            70 - start upgrading a few subs to 2/3 for camo ceramics
            71-76 - upgrade subs to 2/3
            77 - i had 14~ 2/3 subs by here
            78 - added 3rd 4/0 sub (submerged) in first U-bend
            79 - 4th 4/0 sub (submerged) near middle islands, keep building subs during the round
            80-85 - keep building 2/3 subs

            and here's a video since it was simple enough to recreate

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              I'm struggling with this one too (NAPS). I can get through the first few rounds with some targeting shenanigans but when the huge BFB clumps come I just die. Maybe I need to use some First Strikes?

              EDIT: Well never mind, apparently I just got ninja'd by a full guide.
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                Your placement seems to solve a problem I was having. With mass sub spam there are times every sub fires at one target at the same time. The first to arrive kills the bloon leaving the others to either divert to another target or just go off screen unused. By putting everything at the end most times they were mostly shooting straight on into the line of bloons so targets directly behind the first would also get hit. I died many times using almost exactly your strategy but with subs distributed around the map.


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                  Aaron I put the wrong date in the title. It should be June 19, 2018. My bad.