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Radiant Challenge - Apr. 17, 2018

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  • Radiant Challenge - Apr. 17, 2018

    Z Factpr, Hard.
    $6000 Starting Cash.

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    Pretty routine.
    Stuck a 4-2 tack shooter in the top right corner.
    2-3 Ace top centre and a couple of 3-2 aces bottom right>
    Get a 4-2 spectre when you can.
    And then just save $$$ until round 60.
    Round 60 is accomplished with buying triggering and selling Ground Zeros. Give the ZOMG as much Ground Zero love that it can take, even if you have to sell your Spectre to do it.


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      NAPSFRILLS - no selling needed.


      3/0 Ace (Circle) bottom right
      2/0 Tack

      Tack to 3/0 ASAP
      Top Ace (OO) - To 2/0 ASAP, then 2/1
      Bottom Ace to 3/2 at the end of 32
      Ice 0/1 then 1/1 ASAP
      Top Ace to 2/2 then 2/3 at the end of 37
      3rd Ace - mid left to 2/2 ASAP (Circle, should be opposite the bottom right Ace)
      Before 46, upgrade 2/3 Ace to 2/4. Use GZ on MOAB.
      50 - Use GZ on first MOAB ASAP, wait for it to use it again on 2nd MOAB
      51 - 3/2 Ace to 4/2, then 2/2 Ace to 2/3
      59 - 2/3 Ace to 2/4
      60 - Use both GZ's as soon as the ZOMG starts getting hit by the 4/2 Ace. Use both GZ again as soon as they are up (ZOMG should be at about the top right corner). If the ZOMG is halfway down before they are up, then only use 1 GZ. Wait for GZ to recharge and use both of them again ASAP.