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They Weaken - Apr. 14, 2018

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  • They Weaken - Apr. 14, 2018

    Death Valley, Easy.
    $5900 Starting Cash.

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    NAPS, and you don't actually need to farm.

    Started with a 3/0 glue in the lower track, a 2/1 glue in the upper track and a 0/0 spike factory on each end.
    Upgrade the upper track spike to 1/0 by round 31.
    Then gradually upgrade the lower track spike to 1/2. Afterwards, get a mortar primarily helping out the lower track. Move the target to the side which is going to leak or when lead bloons are not glued (need micro and luck to minimize LLs).
    Get the lower track spike to 1/3 and upper glue to 3/1 before or during round 40.
    Get the upper spike to 1/2, the spikes alone should be sufficient to KO the camos.
    For round 43, sell the mortar, upper glue and upper spikes to upgrade the lower spike to 1/4 during the round when the ceramics start to come. Use SS to finish them off.
    Sell the 1/4 spike and have a 2/3 glue and 1/2 spike in the upper track, as well as a 1/3 spike in the lower track.
    Sell the glues after 45, SS for the MOAB. (I put whatever I can afford on the track as well, but may be not necessary)