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The Great Manuever, April, 12, 2018

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  • The Great Manuever, April, 12, 2018

    Monkey lane, with available towers limited to 2,2 by Waterborne.
    Reward 50
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    much easier than the last couple!


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      Originally posted by bikerXtrash View Post
      much easier than the last couple!

      how do you embed the image?


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        Pretty straight forward. Stuff a couple of ice in the rightmost u-turn, with 2-2 glue, for 45. For 46, sell the glue, get a SM set on strong and a 2-1 glue.
        47 Sell the SM, stack a load of 2-1 ninjas to catch the camos.
        After this, build up the cash to get another SM, then add a village. Build up a couple of SM's all set on strong and add m ore glue and ice as required.
        The strategy is to break the MOABs down with SM and then reduce smaller balloons and MOAB rubble with glue and ice.
        Getting the village to 2-2 takes care of the camos.


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          He uploads it to imgur. Right click it and then click "copy image address" to see where it hosted.

          Definitely easier. Anyone managed NLL?

          I beat it without selling but lost quite a few lives.


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            fun fun. got it thanks for the help mgbrit


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              Yeah not too bad if you don't mind selling.

              I found a 2-2 Glue and a 0-1 to 2-1 Dartling is the most reliable way to NLL round 45, then just sell the Glue for a second 2-1 Dartling and a 2-1 Glue to beat 46 NLL. I added a 0-0 to 2-1 Ninja to help with 47, but did lose about 50 lives. Get the Glue back to 2-2, add a 3rd Dartling to beat 48/49, then just start adding Supers and Dartlings under a village.


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                Here is a NAPSFRILLS solution:


                2/1 GG (strong).
                1/2 spac.
                0/0 Ice (top row, left)

                45: 1/1 spac.
                47: Ice > 2/1. Add 1/1 Ice (top row, right)
                3x 2/1 Dartlings.
                2/2 SM (right, strong)
                2/2 SM (left, first)
                59: Dartling > 2/2
                63: 3x 1/1 Ice
                2x Dartlings


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                  Something must've happened to 10th and 11th. The guy on YouTube named "UNOFFICIAL Bloons CHANNEL" doesn't have 10th and 11th April 2018 DCs, so could this be a difficulty issue?
                  If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.