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Eye of the Storm - Apr. 11, 2018

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    so...not doable then, eh bikerXtrash?


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      I think it is doable as well. Using Dartling specialty, this gets me to 80:

      2/4 Dartling left side (you want it on the left for round 77 and for 63)
      2/1 Dartling Top
      2/0 Dartling Bot (to 2/1 ASAP)

      Spactory to 1/2, then 1/3 ASAP on 52 (in the middle of the eye - you can fit two on low res)
      2/1 Dartling right side ASAP

      Round 58: Top Dartling to 2/3 ASAP
      5th Dartling to 2/1 in top left corner (not sure it matters that much where)
      6th Dartling to 2/1 opposite the 5th one
      63 - careful with your aim
      Spactory to 1/4 after 63, use ability on 64 - might need to use Dartling ability as well
      7th and 8th Dartlings to 2/1 in other corners from 5th and 6th.
      2nd 1/4 Spactory in middle of the eye
      Right side Dartling to 2/3

      And that should get you to 80 without selling.

      And if you want to build a 2/4 Ace, just have it at 2/3 by the end of 69 and you'll have enough for 2/4 by 77.


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        Hitting 77 fairly regularly before biting it. I have 2 2/4 darts, 2 2/1 darts, an 0/3 plane and a 2/4 spactory. But methinks it's time to hang it up for this one...especially for $50 mm.

        Maybe I'll figure out how to set up challenges and propose a few on my own. Major kudos to NK and all of its staff for keeping this game running. The challenges are my favorite part of it and I know it has to be really hard to come up with new content on such a consistent basis; it feels like we're kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel lately with the challenges, April has not been kind. (Glad I finally got Driven earlier this year!!)


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          Yeah, I doubt this is NAPSable, I managed to 80 in a normal game NAPS ofc, then wiped, there would not be enough cash to sell & rebuy GZ, and BAD's really does not work well here. 77 can be done with very good SS timing (2x) great dartling aim MS the BFB's then nuking with GZ, 78 3x MS on ceramic rush, and GZ the Camo, 79 is chain SS, MS, and GZ sold and rebought for 80 GZ MOAB and MS, then I wiped as I could not sell & rebuy due cash starve, to 80 is possible with sell & rebuy,, but beyond that looking at major cash and poping issues. And reward should be 150MM, it's really hard overall.
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          Status: Rank- 38, Ap-15255 , BTD5- Rank 78, BMC: City One Lv 34, City Two Lv 27, FD: 3 Lv 40 ships, and 1 lv 15 Corvette. SAS4: Lv 93A


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            Originally posted by mgbrit View Post
            so...not doable then, eh bikerXtrash?
            Doable for someone with better dartling skills than I have. I am terrible with dartlings...


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              I couldn't hit my ground zero fast enough on 82 to avoid wiping. Had all the BFB's popped though and things were piling up at the end. Guess I needed to use it a little earlier.

              To make this beatable in the future I'd suggest just giving 5K to 10K more starting cash. That should be enough. Or just enable farms. That would also do it.

              I don't want to waste any MM on this challenge, so I'm calling it quits until it shows up in the vaults.


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                NAPS (8 lives left when managed to 85 in real deal)

                Had to go into Sandbox for the ZOMG, as I was not fast enough, should have waited for the thing to hit the spike or break into BFB's 2x SS THEN GZ. Anyways VERY HARD DC, well worth 150MM, had to farm a crazy amount to have a chance on the much later rounds.

                I made sure to replicate what I had by 85 in Sandbox mode so no changes were made, and nothing would have changed, at worst you may need to sell & rebuy GZ some before starting the round

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                Status: Rank- 38, Ap-15255 , BTD5- Rank 78, BMC: City One Lv 34, City Two Lv 27, FD: 3 Lv 40 ships, and 1 lv 15 Corvette. SAS4: Lv 93A