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Streamkeyed Revenge - Apr. 8, 2018

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  • Streamkeyed Revenge - Apr. 8, 2018

    River Rapids, Hard.
    $8000 Starting Cash.

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    I used Ninja speciality in the end, but think it's because I turned it on before I got a good upgrade plan, Trying it again doesn't need the ability early on at all, but makes 46 very luck-based with distraction! edit: died on 50

    4-1 Ninja (at the top left of the 'square')
    2-1 Ice (bottom left)
    2-0 Glue (bottom left)
    0-0 Spactory (exit)
    1-1 Sniper
    2-3 Boomer (bottom left)
    Ninja to 4-2
    Sniper to 2-3
    Spactory to 1-1
    Ice to 2-3
    Spactory to 3-2
    Sell Sniper and upgrade Spactory to 4-2 after round 51
    Rebuy 2-3 Sniper
    Glue to 2-3

    Sold Ninja for a 0-4 and used sabotage on 64
    After 2-4 boomer's ability ran out I sold and rebought by the Spactory to use the ability again
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