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Switched On - Apr. 7, 2018

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  • Switched On - Apr. 7, 2018

    Switch, Hard.
    $5000 Starting Cash.

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    Fun challenge - took me a few attempt to get a good upgrade order as before I died on 49 rushing to get the Super upgraded. NAPSFRI

    Start with 2-2 Dartling and get the Ninja to 4-2 (both behind/right of the switch)
    0-1 Super (bottom-left of the switch)
    Dartling to 2-3
    Super to 2-3 (2-1 and then 2-3)
    Before 63 sell Ninja and upgrade Dartling to 2-4
    1-4 Ninja
    Super to 2-4

    Used LOTS of abilities! Some careful timing of rocket storm definitely helped me beat it - don't be shy to use it twice on 78 for example, it recharges very quickly!

    I ended with a ton of cash, so you can sell-rebuy in the latter rounds if you need to.