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Bell of Avicii's Silhouettes - Apr. 6, 2018

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  • Bell of Avicii's Silhouettes - Apr. 6, 2018

    Castle, Medium.
    $5000 Starting Cash.

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    Anyone have any ideas/suggestions? I made it to 61 and died with Ninja Specialty and not selling.


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      I also used the Ninja Specialty building.

      I started with 4/1 ninja at the top, and built a 2/0 wizard at the bottom when affordable for leads.

      By 61 I had three 4/2 ninjas, three 2/4 boomers, and two 2/4 mages (one on top and one on bottom).
      I had blown all ninjas and boomers to defeat 60, but used both pheoenices during 61 and got it without much difficulty.

      I don't know how to upload images, but just crowd everything around the exit. You can squeeze a ninja up and to the left of the intersection, and I put the mage in the grass on the left of the right at the end.


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        Couldn't get 63 though!


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          You can beat 63 with two x/4 Tack shooters if you time it right. 1 for the first wave, 2nd for the 2nd wave, and the 1st one will be up in time for the 3rd wave.

          I'm just annoyed that fast forwarding makes Ninjas less effective...


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            Good to know, thank you!