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ILY - Mar. 30, 2018

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  • ILY - Mar. 30, 2018

    Space Truckin', Medium.
    $5000 Starting Cash.

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    Interesting concept! My advice would be to save yourself some early faff and don't build an Ice until 49. Just use a 2-3 Sub for the leads and a 4-2 Ninja to kill everything.

    2-3 Ice in the moon on 49, which really helps break the MOABs. I started selling around round 52 (sub to 2-4 for 50), which pretty much consisted of selling Ninja for sabotage, and quickly buying a 4-2 again. Was on NAPSFRILL but then wiped out and died on 62! Need to rethink that, and it will probably involve getting a 4-0 sub for the camo regens...


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      Although it is not in the description, one free SMS is provided (I play on kongregrate) and I used that in 62.
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        Ah I totally didn't notice that! Will try again at another NAPSFRILL attempt.


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          Another challenge that is WAY TOO long. Absolutely no reason for this to start on 26 other than to waste time. It should start at 46.

          It would be a great challenge then.


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            wayyyyy to long


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              Beat it NAPFRILLS - used Ninja Specialty:

              I used First Strike on 52, 54, 57 (when the second set of MOABs showed up), 59 on the camo leads, 60 as soon as it was up again, 62 as soon as it was up and would get a couple of MOABs (I screwed this up once and it targeted the first MOAB which was not close to any other MOABs - It really needs to try and hit 3 MOABs, or 2 and the ceramics from one that just popped), 64 as all the MOABs circle the first planet, and 65 as the BFBs reached the first planet and the MOABs had circled it and met back up with them.

              I used Ninja specialty on 53 so it would hit first two MOABs, 58 so it would hit the tail end of the first MOAB but it would hit the following two. 62 to help with the MOABs. Surprisingly, the 4/2 Ninja and the 2/4 Ninja were enough for the regens, but just barely. I could see that going wrong if you are unlucky with the distraction.

              I used Absolute Zero a couple of times if bloons were making it around to the last leg and I was nervous about leaking.

              I had the Ninja and the Sub set for First the whole time.


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                Turns out I just had poor timing of first strike - when used with MOABs spread out around the moon it is very effective. e.g. you can pop 4 MOABs on 62 (I didn't even use the SMS in the end as all the MOABs died before the regens) or the entire lot in 64!

                I realised even then I was far too conservative with sell & rebuy as I finished with $16k cash to spare.

                Used First strike on 50, 52, 53, 57, 60, 62, 64, 65
                Used sabotage (and immediately got 4-2 again) on 59, 62, 65 - should have used it more!

                Managed it NAPSFRILL