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Denpa Waves - March 9, 2018

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  • Denpa Waves - March 9, 2018

    100 Reward
    Difficulty: Hard

    My tips for beating it NAPFRILLS:
    I used ice specialty and lost 11 lives (which makes me think it is possible to get NLL).

    Tower placement is important. You want the Sub to be able to help with the camos by having the Ace cover a little bit of the track. I think that switching the Ace and the Mortar might make a slight difference with the camos, namely, you might be able to pop some of them earlier which will help for the large camo waves.

    Start with a 2/1 Ice, 2/3 Ace and 2/1 sub. Sub to 2/2. Mortart to 3/2. Ice to 2/3. Mortar then to 4/2. Sub to 2/3. Ace to 2/4, Sub to 2/4. Ice to 2/4.

    I lost 7 lives on 70 and 1 yellow escaped on another level before that (I forget which).

    Basically, your goal is to pop the MOABs 1 by 1 with the mortar and finish them off with the mortar. MOABs are slower than Ceramics, so focus on what is first.

    I think, on 59, you can use Ground Zero on the leads and it might be up in time for the 4 MOABs after cracking the BFB on 60, just make sure you take your time cracking it. If you do this, make sure you use it as soon as ALL of the leads are on screen, but before all the ceramics are.

    From 60+ you are really just trying to delay the rounds as long as possible to let your abilities refresh. You could also do ice delays. When using First Strike Capability, you can wait until some BFB's/MOABs have gone through the first two loops and are back by the entrance loop (where my mortar is) to use it. That will pop the most.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you for including the guide. It was a really good challenge. Just a bit long, as I lost focus a few times and had to retry 3 times.


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      A little bit tedious, but fun challenge. I beat this NAPS NLL by putting the ice tower on the bottom right of the orange planet, next to where the two paths intersect. That way it could freeze the bloons right before the end of the track. I'm sure no selling is possible, but I didn't bother. Well done!
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